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Happy Winter 2012 everyone!

Here in Michigan, we just got our first big snowfall of the winter. The pictures above were just taken about an hour ago. Before today we maybe had three days of snowfalls this winter, but they were weak snowfalls. I … Continue reading

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Rant: Why does McDonalds’ drive thru have two lanes for ordering food?

Several months ago here in Michigan, a few McDonalds started having two drive thru lanes for ordering food. After ordering your food, both lanes will merge into one lane and then people will drive up to pay for their food … Continue reading

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Jury Duty on April Fools

Note: I do want to keep my blog mostly about videogames, but once in awhile, I’d like to write something non-gaming. In December of 2010, I was gearing up for the Christmas holiday. I was in a pretty jolly mood, … Continue reading

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