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Ordering Domino’s Pizza online is awesome!

A few nights ago, I decided that I wanted to have pizza delivered to me for dinner. There’s a Pizza Hut and a Hungry Howie’s near me, but ultimately I decided to order from Domino’s Pizza. So I went online … Continue reading

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Hungry-Man XXL Sandwich – Angus Beef Charbroil Burger Review

A few weeks ago I noticed that Walmart had this Hungry-Man XXL Sandwich: Angus Beef Charbroil in their frozen food section, so I decided to buy one and try it out. One of these burgers cost about $2.30 at Walmart. … Continue reading

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Why do people open up and eat food before paying for it while shopping for groceries?

Last night I was in the grocery section of a local Walmart store and I saw a lady pushing a shopping cart in the aisle with soda pop. She had a little girl sitting in the cart, and next to … Continue reading

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McDonalds should automatically include ketchup with every order of fries from the drive thru

It is my strong opinion that if you go through the McDonalds drive thru and you order fries – if you order a combo meal that includes fries – you should automatically get ketchup with your order, without even asking … Continue reading

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Rant: Why does McDonalds’ drive thru have two lanes for ordering food?

Several months ago here in Michigan, a few McDonalds started having two drive thru lanes for ordering food. After ordering your food, both lanes will merge into one lane and then people will drive up to pay for their food … Continue reading

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