Just Finished Watching The Knick Season 1 on DVD

The Knick Season 1 DVD

First off, for anyone who hasn’t seen this show and is interested in watching this show, I want to mention this: The Knick contains graphic, realistic looking scenes of human surgery. I consider myself to be someone who is able to watch graphic, mature content in films, TV shows, and videogames, but even I found myself almost unable to stand watching these surgery scenes. I found myself looking away from the TV during these scenes. But eventually I did get use to it.

So if you think you might not be able to watch these graphic surgery scenes, then this show might not be for you.

But if you can handle this content (or you could just use your hands to cover your eyes during those scenes, haha!), then The Knick is a show worth checking out. I found the the show to be highly enjoyable.

Set in the year 1900 (or around that time), The Knick is a TV show about the doctors and staff working at the Knickerbocker Hospital in New York. I thought that the show had great atmosphere and does a good job of recreating of that time period.

Season One of The Knick consists of ten episodes and all ten episodes were directed by Steven Soderbergh, the director of films like Out of Sight, Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven (2001), and its sequel, Ocean’s Twelve.

There are two storylines in Season One that I really enjoyed. The first one involved Dr. Algernon Edwards (played by Andre Holland). He is the only black doctor working at the Knickerbocker Hospital (he might also be the only black person there). Despite being a very talented doctor, he struggles to gain respect from his peers because of some of their racism and prejudice. I found Dr. Algernon’s storyline to be very compelling.

I also liked the storyline involving nurse Lucy Elkins (played by the lovely Eve Hewson, daughter of U2‘s Bono) and her “love interest.” I was very interested in how storyline evolved throughout the first season.

Can’t wait to watch Season Two!

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