Movies I Watched Recently #14: Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday (1993)

Released in 1993, Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday is the ninth movie in the Friday the 13th/Jason movie series, and the first one to be produced by New Line Cinema (the previous films were released by Paramount). In case anyone’s wondering, this Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday DVD from 2-pack that I bought does include both the R-rated and Unrated versions of the movie.

Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday and Jason X DVD 2-pack

I always wondered why they decided not use the “Friday the 13th” name for this film. And why are there eight Friday the 13th films released in the 80s but only film (this one) released in the 90s?

Oh well, it’s a good thing that only 90s Friday the 13th/Jason movie happens to be, as I have mentioned before, my all-time favorite in the series.

First off, I love the setting in the movie. There’s a small town setting with a little bit of the camp setting – the film has some teens foolishly camping at infamous Crystal Lake. The story and plot didn’t win any Academy Awards of course, but the story is a pretty good one and keeps you interested throughout the entire film.

I love how the action scenes, including some of the kill scenes, in this film feel like action scenes from an action movie rather than from a horror or slasher film. This gives the film a different feel from the previous movies. The camera work is very stylish. The action scenes in the dinner and police station are two of my favorites.

Kane Hodder returns as Jason Voorhees, and for this film Kane also briefly appears as another character. Back in the day I did watched this movie multiple times but I never knew what Kane Hodder looked like. As Jason he usually wears that signature hockey mask, and when the mask is off he has a fake hideous face. Here he appears as a character with his real face, and he has some spoken lines too. This is the first time I watched this movie and recognized him in his non-Jason role. I got a real kick out of it.

The makeup and gore effects in the movie are freaking cool. There’s some nasty looking (but in a cool way) monster creature designs. This is some classic stuff. There’s also some jokes and references to other horror films that horror movie bluffs will recognize.

And finally, there’s some really good nudity, especially in the unrated version of the film.

This DVD has a commentary from the director and screenwriter, but the commentary is only available for the unrated version of the movie.

Other special features include the original theatrical trailer and some additional scenes that were added into the TV version of the movie. The additional scenes are pretty cool, and I’m glad they included them on this DVD.

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