Movies I Watched Recently #2: Predator (1987)

I’m always in the mood to watch an Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie! A few nights ago I watched my DVD copy of Predator, a movie originally released in 1987.

Predator DVD

As a youngster, I remember this movie aired on TV quite frequently in the early 90s. I would try to watch the movie whenever it aired, but despite this, I never managed to watch this movie in its entirety. I would always end up watching parts of it. I think the most I ever watched was 3/4 of the movie. I never watched the beginning of the film.

So a couple of nights ago I sat down and finally watched the entire movie.

I have to admit, the movie moved a bit slow at times, but that was something I kind of expected. The first action scene is pretty sweet. It’s a cool and violent action scene with lots of guns firing and explosions. As a kid I probably thought that this was really violent but now – I can’t help but laugh at how over the top this action scene is. (haha!)

Anyway, while some of the special effects do look really dated when the Predator is hunting and fighting Schwarzenegger and his team, the design and look of the Predator itself still looks really cool. The final fight scene was real nice.

Overall, this was a pretty good action film. I’m glad I got the chance to finally watch the entire movie. It is definitely worth watching at least once if you haven’t seen it and you like Schwarzenegger action movies, but be aware that you might find the movie to be a bit slow at times. I’m not sure I want to watch Predator 2 though, since I’ve not heard too many good things about it…

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