Playing Defiance on PS3, Part Two

Okay, so it’s been a week since I wrote my first blog post about playing Defiance on the PS3 and I’ve put in another dozen or so hours into the game.

First off, I want to say that I still enjoy playing Defiance. Since this blog post mainly deals with the problems that I have encountered while playing the game, you may get the impression that I don’t like the game anymore, but that isn’t the case.

In fact, most of the time when I’m playing Defiance, it works fine and I’m having lots of fun.

However, I have now run into some problems with the game and I’d like to use this blog post to talk about them.

In my previous blog post about Defiance (“Playing Defiance on PS3, Part One”), I mentioned that while playing the game, I got disconnected from the game’s servers once. Well, I’ve since been disconnected several more times. In total, I think I’ve been disconnected about 6-8 times.

But to be totally honest, these disconnects don’t bother me that much, since I knew about them before playing Defiance. I also can anticipate when a disconnect might occur. Basically, the longer you’ve been playing the game without logging out and the more quests you do, the likelihood of you getting disconnected rises.

Fortunately, I’ve not been disconnected while I was doing any main story missions or side quests, but perhaps if this happened, it might not be so bad…

While being disconnected means that I actually got to play the game, I’ve also run into three occasions where I couldn’t even log into the servers in order to start playing the game. When this happens, I’ll just try again once and I am able to play.

However, one time I had to keep retrying for more than ten times before I was able to get into their servers and play. This was shortly after 1 pm on a Saturday.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with perhaps me playing the game at “peak hours” where there might be a lot of players being logged in. But then again, I don’t know for sure if 1 pm on a Saturday afternoon is actually when there’s a lot of players playing and it’s one of the “peak hours”.

Since Defiance is a free to play game, I’m willing to overlook these problems and the ones I mentioned below. But if I had paid for this game…

Anyway, moving on, also in my last Defiance blog post, I mentioned that the game has not frozen on me. Well, it has now frozen on me. It has frozen on me three times to be exact. Twice it froze while I was in an intense battle. The third time game froze when I first booted up the game to start playing. Basically I log into the servers and start up the game. When my character appeared on the screen, before I could do anything, the game froze.

One of those freezes occurred while I was on a story mission. I had wondered if the missions in Defiance had any checkpoints. I also wondered if the game froze or if I got disconnected during a mission, would I have to start the mission all over again? Well, I guess I got my answer.

When the game froze in the middle of that mission, I restarted my PS3 and then restarted the game. As soon as I entered the game, I saw that my mission progress had not been erased. I didn’t have to restart the mission and did not have to redo the fight that I had completed at the beginning of the mission before my freeze happened. My mission objective was still to go to the waypoint location that I needed to go before the freeze happened. Very cool, but I wish the game wouldn’t freeze up at all.

I’ve also experienced infinite loading screens on three separate occasions. When this happens I have no choice but to exit out to my PS3’s cross media bar screen. I don’t seem to lose any progress though and I’m able to continue on once I restart the game.

Another frustrating thing happened is when I played one of the 4 player co-op missions called “Explosions 101”. There is a midlevel boss fight in a room of a base. After 3 other players and I defeated this boss, the game glitches. There’s this switch to open up a door. You have to go up to it and hold the Square button on your PS3 controller to interact with it. However, none of us were able to interact with this switch. We were locked in that room. The only thing I could do is exit out of the mission (or exit out of the game entirely). No matter what we tried, we couldn’t get out of that room to complete the mission!!!

Man, this was really frustrating. At first I thought the “Explosions 101” co-op mission was glitched so that nobody could finish it. But then the next night I replayed this mission from the beginning, with three different players, and thankfully we were able to finish the mission. We beat the midlevel boss, and I was able to successfully interact with that door switch to open up the door and allow us to continue mission. We made it to the end, beat the last boss, and finished the mission.

However, that is not the most frustrating thing that I’ve encountered. The most frustrating that I’ve run into is this glitch where I have serious trouble interacting with mission markers to start missions. The reason why this is the most frustrating thing is that it’s still an ongoing issue. It still happens from time to time.

To start the story missions and the sidequests, you would go to mission markers and interact with them. I would go up to these markers and push the Square button on my controller. This brings up a brief description of the mission and then I would need to press the X button to accept the mission or press the Circle button to decline. However, sometimes the game would not respond to my button presses, so I would hit the X button or the Circle button and nothing happens. At first I think that the game has frozen up, but thankfully the game will eventually recognize that I am indeed pressing the X button on my controller (haha) and the mission starts up.

I don’t know if this is an issue of lag, but like I stated above, so far I’ve always ended up being able to start the mission, but this just gets so frustrating. This doesn’t happen all the time, sometimes I’m at the mission marker and it will recognize that I pressed the X button the first time I press it.

But it seems, at least for me, that if I’m at a mission marker and want to start a mission, there’s 50% chance I will encounter situation where the game doesn’t recognize my button presses at first.

But anyway, like I stated above at the beginning of this blog post, despite the problems that this game has, I am still having a blast playing Defiance and I don’t plan on quitting it anytime soon. At least not until I finish all the missions in the game.

In my next blog post about Defiance I’ll talk about why I enjoy playing this game. I’ll talk about the story mission, side quests, and contracts. I also plan on doing all the 4 player co-op missions, so I’ll talk about them as well. And if I run into any more serious problems, I’ll be sure to mention them.

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