My GBA Games #7: Final Fantasy IV Advance

By the time Final Fantasy IV Advance came out for the Game Boy Advance I had already beaten this game on another console. I missed out on this game when it was first released on the Super Nintendo (as Final Fantasy II), so I didn’t play this game until I bought Final Fantasy Chronicles for my Playstation. Final Fantasy Chronicles has PS1 ports of Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger.

I remember picking a Gamepro magazine in the early 90s, reading their review of the Super Nintendo version of this game, and seeing them give this game a perfect score. I had plenty of opportunities to get my parents to buy me this game for my Super Nintendo but I always passed on it for some reason.

Eventually I missed out on this game on the Super Nintendo and I didn’t play it until I got the PS1 port from Final Fantasy Chronicles. After playing it on my Playstation I really wished I had gotten it sooner.

Ultimately Final Fantasy IV turned out to be one of my favorites in the Final Fantasy series. It’s got a great story and very memorable characters. So when I learned that a port of this game would be released for the Game Boy Advance, I knew I was going to get a copy since I wanted to play this game on handheld system as well.

Final Fantasy IV Advance

I really enjoyed playing this game on my Game Boy Advance. I have played and beaten this GBA version of Final Fantasy IV twice and I can definitely see myself playing through this GBA version again.

If you have not played Final Fantasy IV and you like old school style RPGs, then I definitely recommend picking up a copy of this game. There’s also a really good remake  version available for Nintendo DS as well.

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