My GBA Games #3: Breath of Fire

In mid 90s, my parents bought me a brand new copy of Breath of Fire for my Super Nintendo. Back then I thought it was an RPG from Squaresoft, since Square’s name was plastered all over the game box and in the magazine ads, it would always say something like “From the makers of the Final Fantasy series”. Later on I would learn that the game was made by Capcom and Square handled the North American localization.

While Breath of Fire isn’t as good as other classic RPGs on the SNES like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy II (IV), I do think that Breath of Fire is a good, solid RPG. It’s an RPG that I do find myself wanting to replay from time to time.

Unfortunately, I was only able to play through the game once on the Super Nintendo. Shortly after my parents bought the game for me, I played through the game and I did beat it. The next year I wanted to play through the game again, but then I discovered the save battery on my Breath of Fire cart had died. This meant that I couldn’t save my game.

So if I wanted to beat the game again, I would have to start from the beginning and play the game for 25-30 hours straight (or however many hours it took) until I got to the end and beat the game. Unfortunately, back then my parents wouldn’t let me play videogames for that many hours straight. Darn! (haha!)

A few years later, when I heard that Capcom would doing a port of this game for the Game Boy Advance, I got super excited. I couldn’t play the game on my Super Nintendo, but now I would get a chance to play it on the GBA.

So shortly after the game was released on the GBA, I went to a Circuit City store and picked up my own copy.

Breath of Fire GBA

Several years later, when I got my Wii system in 2008, I was also hoping that the SNES version of Breath of Fire would be released on the Wii Virtual Console, but it never happened. The Super Nintendo version of the sequel, Breath of Fire II, did get released on the Wii Virtual Console and it was also released for the Wii-U Virtual Console, but it’s looking like the first game will never see a re-release.

Because of that, I’m really glad I have this game for my GBA. And who knows, I might end up playing this game again this year…

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