My GBA Games #2: Super Mario Advance (Super Mario Bros. 2)

As I mentioned in my “Halloween Gaming #1” blog post, when I bought my GBA system back in the Fall of 2001, I also bought three games for it – Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Advance Wars, and Super Mario Advance. Out of those three games, the first one I played was Super Mario Advance.

Super Mario Advance (Super Mario Bros. 2) GBA

Super Mario Advance contains Super Mario Bros. 2 and Mario Bros. While Mario Bros. is a decent game, I was never a big fan of the game on the NES. Therefore I also did not play very much of it here on the Game Boy Advance.

The main reason I bought Super Mario Advance is to play Super Mario Bros. 2 on a portable system. SMB 2 gets a bad rep sometimes, but I found it to be a very enjoyable game on the NES. While my favorite Mario game on the NES is Super Mario Bros. 3, to this day, I still occasionally dig out my Super Mario Advance cart to play Super Mario Bros. 2 on my Game Boy Advance or my DS Lite.

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