My GBA Games #1: Golden Sun and Golden Sun The Lost Age

This is a new series of blog posts where I will talk about my Game Boy Advance (GBA) games. In each post I will usually talk about one GBA game that I own, although in some of these blog posts I may talk about two or three GBA games (such as today’s blog post). However, the one GBA game that I have that I won’t talk about in these blog posts is Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, because I just talked about that game a few months ago. If you want to read about my thoughts on this game, check out my “Halloween Gaming #1” blog post.

So anyway, I think that the Game Boy Advance is one cool little system. I remember being super excited for the system back when it was first launched in 2001. I bought my GBA system in that Fall. I still have this GBA system and it is in the picture below.

Game Boy Advance System

Back then I was a huge fan of JRPGs and I still am to this very day. When the GBA first came out, one of the reasons why I was excited about it is that I thought that there would be some cool SNES-style RPGs released for this system.

Well, it didn’t take very long before the first RPG was released for the GBA. Just months after the GBA debuted in 2001, Golden Sun was released. And I quickly picked up a copy from my local retailer.

Golden Sun

I was super hyped for Golden Sun and this RPG did not disappoint. The graphics looked amazing for a handheld RPG. The game has a nice story and charming characters like some of the previous JRPGs that I played, but the dungeons had some  puzzles which reminded me of the Zelda games, another series of games that I’m very fond of.

I did not know it at that time, but Golden Sun was developed by Camelot, who also developed the Shining Force games on the Genesis. I loved Shining Force II, and had I known that Camelot would be developing Golden Sun, I would have been even more hyped about it.

I had an absolute blast playing through the game! And I did beat it. The puzzles weren’t too hard, but I do remember consulting a walkthrough/FAQ online for one or two of the puzzles.

After beating it, I did know that there would be a sequel to Golden Sun coming out for the GBA. So when the follow-up game, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, arrived in North America almost two years later, of course I picked up a copy.

Golden Sun The Lost Age

But when I started playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the weirdest thing happened. Despite playing the first game and loving every minute of it, for some reason I just could not get into Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Well, okay, I actually do know one reason. One reason why I couldn’t get into Golden Sun: The Lost Age is that by the time it came out I had forgotten the story and some of the characters in the original Golden Sun. I think I would have easily gotten into Golden Sun: The Lost Age if I had started playing it shortly after beating the first game.

So that’s what I plan on doing – one day I plan on playing the original Golden Sun from the beginning to the end. Then when I beat it, I will immediately start playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In other words, I will play the games back-to-back.

I also own a copy of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the DS but have not played it yet. So maybe I’ll play all three Golden Sun games back-to-back-to-back…

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