Nintendo Gaming #6: Finally got a Nintendo 3DS system (and some Atlus RPGs)!

Having gotten some cash and gift cards for Christmas, I finally decided to get a Nintendo 3DS system.

Now I would have gotten a 3DS sooner, since there are quite a few 3DS games that I want to play. But one of the reasons why I didn’t get a 3DS until now is that I still have a huge backlog of DS games that I need to play. I’m currently slowly making my way through my DS games backlog. So when I’m playing my 3DS games on my brand new 3DS system, I‘ll also be playing my older DS games on my DS Lite.

Anyway, when I decided to get a 3DS system, I wasn’t sure which one I would get. There are two models of the 3DS, a regular 3DS and a 3DS XL with larger screens. And then there’s the 2DS, which plays all 3DS, but lacks the ability to play them in 3D.

I did find the 2DS to be very appealing, for two main reasons. It’s got the cheapest price and I’ve also heard people say it’s very comfortable, even for adults, to hold in your hands and play.

I was looking at 3DS and 2DS systems in a few shops, and I almost decided to get a 2DS. But I’m glad I didn’t, because a few days later I found a 3DS system that I really, really liked.

I found a 3DS system that came with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon pre-installed.

Cobolt Blue 3DS with Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

First of all, this 3DS system is Cobalt Blue and blue is my absolute favorite color. So this Cobalt Blue system looks really, really sweet to me. I’m not sure if the only way to get this system in this color is to buy this bundle with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, but I’m glad I picked up this bundle.

The awesome thing is that this bundle cost $169.99, which I believe is the same price as a regular 3DS system that doesn’t come with a game. So for the same price that someone would pay for a 3DS system without a game, I get a 3DS system with a game. I think that’s a pretty good deal!

I have been hearing a lot of good things about Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. I did not played the first Luigi’s Mansion game on the Gamecube, so I thought about tracking down a copy of that game to play it before I play this 3DS one. However, I think I will end up playing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon before playing the Gamecube one.

Now with  Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon being pre-installed onto the 3DS, that means that the game I have is the digital version. There is no physical game that comes with the system. But I don’t really mind. While I am still very big into buying physical versions of my games over digital ones, I am warming up to the idea of buying digital games.

For example, as much as I like having physical copies of my games, I will probably buy Animal Crossing: New Leaf digitally, since if it’s a game that I’ll play (or try to play) daily for a few minutes here and there, then I think I’d rather have it on my 3DS digitally.

Also, Atlus has a lot of their 3DS RPGs for sale digitally, so if I happen to miss out buying physical copies of their games and I can’t find them in my local stores, then it’s nice to know that I can buy them digitally.

Oh, and speaking of Atlus RPGs for the 3DS, I did buy Shin Megami Tensei IV and Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. This copy of Shin Megami Tensei IV comes with a 176-page book that is a a strategy guide and art book combined into one. Both games also come with music CDs. I’m really glad I was able to pick these two games up.

Shin Megami Tensei IV and Soul Hackers

Have a great 2014, everyone! If you got some new games for Christmas, I hope you enjoy playing them.

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