My Favorite Christmas Movies #4: The Santa Clause

This is yet another movie that I have on VHS (haha!).

Disney The Santa Clause VHS 1

Disney The Santa Clause VHS 2

I believe this video was given to me as a present. Released in theaters in 1994, this film stars Tim Allen, who at that time was probably best known for his hit family sitcom Home Improvement on TV.

Before I got this video, for some reason I wasn’t really interested in watching this movie. I mean, I love Santa Claus (who doesn’t? haha!) and I enjoyed Tim Allen’s work on Home Improvement. However, I thought I didn’t think a movie about Santa Claus would be the most exciting movie.

In the end, I guess I shouldn’t have doubted that they would make an entertaining movie, as I found Disney’s The Santa Clause to be very enjoyable to watch. They came up with a good plot/story and there’s a really clever and funny use of ZZ Top song in the movie. This movie would end up being one of my favorite Christmas movies.

I have not seen the sequels The Santa Clause 2 and 3. I remember wanting to watch The Santa Clause 2 a few years back, since from what I heard it sounded like a good and interesting movie. However, I don’t know very much about The Santa Clause 3 and I probably won’t be interested in watching it until I find out more information about it.

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