My Favorite Christmas Movies #3: Jingle All The Way (1996)

The last two Christmas movies that I talked about, Home Alone and A Christmas Story, might be popular choices for favorite Christmas movies. But this next movie might not be.

Released in 1996, Jingle All The Way is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. While I love Arnold Schwarzenegger in action films like Terminator 2, Predator, and Total Recall, I also love him in his more family friendly films like Kindergarten Cop.

And I really enjoyed Arnold’s performance in Jingle All The Way. Sinbad, an actor/comedian who I think is hilarious, plays Arnold’s rival in the movie and he is also really funny here. Other movie cast members include Rita Wilson (Tom Hank’s wife) and Jake Lloyd, in perhaps his most notable role before going on to play Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Phil Hartman, who is probably best known for his work on TV shows like NewsRadio and The Simpsons, is also in this film, and I believe this was the last film he appeared in before his death.

This movie got negative criticism for its emphasis on the commercialization of Christmas, but I found the movie to be very funny and super entertaining all around. I can totally relate to this movie. In the film Arnold is searching the stores for the hottest toy so that he can have that toy to give to his son for Christmas. If I was going to stores looking to buy some hot item for a loved one, I know that I myself would search the stores non-stop until I found that item for my loved one.

Yes, this is another movie that I have on VHS.

Jingle All The Way VHS 1

Jingle All The Way VHS 2

I got my VHS copy of the movie shortly after it was released on video. I have watched this movie multiple times. I’m not sure if many people like this movie, but it is one of my favorite Christmas movies.

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