Bought a new console!

No, it’s not a PS4 and it’s not an Xbox One. It’s not a Wii-U either.

I bought a…

… PS2 Slim!

PS2 Slim System

I have an older model PS2 system (known as the PS2 Phat) that I bought in 2002. For the past eleven years or so, this system has pretty much worked flawlessly. One time in 2004 I accidentally left it turned on for almost 24 hours. I went over to a friend’s house and didn’t get back until the next day, then I found out that I hadn’t turned my PS2 off when I left! Ouch! I thought my system was fried (haha!). But it still worked great.

And it worked great up until a few months ago. That’s when my PS2 Phat started acting up and I feel like it might be dying on me. Perhaps I can get it repaired (or maybe I can repair it myself).

But after thinking about it for awhile, I decided to go ahead and buy a brand new PS2 Slim from Amazon. In fact, I remember wanting to buy a PS2 Slim console a few years ago when new ones could be found in stores for $99.99. I wished I bought one back then. I won’t say how much my new PS2 Slim cost but it was more than $99.99

With that said, I do want to try to see if I can get my PS2 Phat fixed somehow.

However, if I can’t get it fixed, then I have my PS2 Slim to fall back on. Hopefully this PS2 Slim will work flawlessly for 10+ years, just like my PS2 Phat did. I still have a high interest in playing PS2 games and I do need to go back and beat a couple of them, including Final Fantasy XII. And one day I do want to replay games like Dragon Quest VIII, Suikoden 3, and Grand Theft Auto III.

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