Nintendo Gaming #5: Animal Crossing Wild World (Nintendo DS) – Third time’s the charm…?

Animal Crossing Wild World

The first time I played Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS was in 2008. I played it for a few hours but unfortunately I went a few weeks without playing it and by the time I went back to it, I didn’t feel like playing it anymore.

It was the first time I had ever played an Animal Crossing game, although I wish I owned the Gamecube one because it has the NES games.

I wish Animal Crossing: Wild World had some NES games as well, even if the NES games were the “crappy” ones (haha!), but I can see why Nintendo didn’t include them, since they were going to sell them on the wii virtual console.

The second time I tried playing Animal Crossing: Wild World was sometime last year. I thought that I was in the right “mood” to play the game but for some reason I couldn’t get into it. I played it for a couple of hours then I quit.

However I decided to give Animal Crossing: Wild World another shot a few weeks ago. This would be my third time playing through it from the beginning. And this time I have played it for longer than I have ever played it before.

Right now I have paid off the mortgage on my house and I had Tom Nook do the first expansion on my house. That greedy dude (haha!) charged me a ton of bells and I’m currently paying that off.

As for equipment that I have bought, I have a net to catch insects, a shovel to dig for fossils, and a slingshot to knock down objects from the sky (man, those things are hard to knock down – I think I was successful shooting one out of the sky after my ninth try or so, haha!).

I also have an axe and a watering can that I hardly ever use, so I usually have them stored at the house. I don’t know if there will be more tools to buy in the future that would give me more activities to do – I hope there is, because I keep running out of things to do.

And that brings me to the biggest “problem” I have with this game, and that is that each time I play Animal Crosing: Wild World, I run out of things to do within 10-20 minutes.

Yes, I have heard that this is a game you’re supposed to come back to everyday and play it in small chunks. Which is why I have heard people say it’s the ideal game to pull out and play when you have a few minutes of free time each day, like when you are on your lunch break, while you’re waiting for the bus, etc…

When I play this game, most of the time I don’t want to only play for 10-20 minutes. I want to play for longer than that. But there’s nothing to do in the game…

I’m playing this game on my DS Lite and I am aware that I can manually change my system’s clock and advance it forward to the next day, which would give me more stuff to do in Animal Crossing: Wild World, since I can do the next day’s activities in the game. But doing that would be cheating (haha!). Okay, it’s not really cheating but if I did that I would feel like I’m cheating.

But like I said, maybe the more I play and advance through the game, maybe more activities will open up.

Still the game is very charming and it’s fun enough to make me want to go back to it just about everyday. Will I ever get hopeless addicted to this game (like the many others who played this game before me)? Well, only time will tell.

But I know one thing for sure. I’ll never get sick of that cute “animal voice” that says Nintendo every time you boot this game up.

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