Dead Space 2: My Hardcore Mode Experience, Part 7 (The Conclusion) – From My Third Save to the End (Hard to the Core Trophy…?)

Alright, I’m so close to the end of the game now, I can feel it! I just have to beat the rest of Chapter 13 and then beat the last two Chapters, 14 and 15, which are pretty short.

Remember how in my last blog post, I said that the reason I wanted to make my third save at that location in Chapter 13 was because I thought I might die in the next couple of fights…? Well, it turns out it was a really good idea to make that save when I did.


Death 17 – Chapter 13, Middle Floor of the area with the three floors

Man, I thought that I would be able to go to the end and beat the game without dying again, but of course, I just had to die just one more time (haha!).

This death was all because of stupidity on my part (haha!). I was just really careless.

Okay, so like I said in previous blog post, my third save in Hardcore was just before an area with three floors. You start at the top floor. The top floor and the middle floor have necromorphs coming at you, while the bottom floor has a Brute.

Well, I kill all the enemies on the top floor using mostly my Plasma Cutter and some Detonator mines. I move to the middle floor and before the enemies start appearing here, I start laying down some Detonator mines. As I’m moving around I accidentally step on one of my mines and it explodes. Instant Death!

Game Over.

I can’t believe that just happened! Man, so dumb (haha!). I was actually laughing when I died this time. Yes, I could actually laugh, since I didn’t have to start over very far away. However, it would have been a different story if I was sent back to my Chapter 8 save.

I have since learned that the doors on the top floor and middle floor aren’t locked and you can actually run through these two floors without killing every enemy (although some of the enemies that you don’t kill will follow you to the next area)

This death was my seventeenth death in Hardcore Mode. But would it be my last death before beating the game…? Or would I die some more? Oh no, I still haven’t gotten to that stupid machine at the end of Chapter 13 yet…

So I started over at my save point in Chapter 13. I passed through all three floors, killing every enemy including the Brute on the bottom floor.

Then I make it to the save point right before that stupid machine at the end of the Chapter. There’s a store and a bench nearby. This is where I pretty much made my final preparations for the last part of the game. Of course I could not save my game here, since I had no more saves left to use.

At the store, I switched out my Line Gun for my Charged Beam, and I would end up using this weapon a lot. I had a few power nodes on me and I used my remaining credits to buy a few more power nodes and some ammo.

After that I went over to the bench and used up all my power nodes for upgrades. At this point, my Charged Beam and Plasma Cutter were either maxed out or close to being maxed out. The Alt Fire on my Charged Beam was definitely maxed out. Also, my stasis was maxed out (but it had been maxed out for a while now).

Before moving on, I checked my items. I had plenty stasis packs and medpacks on me (I recommend using medium or large medpacks from here on out). I can’t remember the exact number, but I believe I was carrying three or four stacks of stasis packs, one large medpack, and four medium medpacks.

Since my Charged Beam would be my primary weapon from now on, I had plenty ammo for that. I also had a decent amount of ammo for my Plasma Cutter, which would now be my secondary weapon.

I probably only had one stack ammo for my Force Gun (and I ended up using my force Gun on only one enemy). I think my fourth weapon was the Detonator. I didn’t have any ammo for this weapon, except what was already in the Detonator, but I ended up not using this weapon.

Okay, now it was time face that stupid machine. I’m not going to describe what kind of machine it is, because doing so would be kind of a spoiler. What I will say is that if you fail here, it’s an instant death. That’s why so many people recommend that you use your third save at the save point right before this machine when you’re playing on Hardcore.

Man, I was so nervous during this part. I don’t know how I managed to keep my hands from shaking (haha!).

I did things slowly and throughout the whole “process” I kept saying to myself over and over, “Please don’t fail. Please don’t fail. Please don’t fail.”

And then when it was over… I was successful!

I couldn’t believe it! I managed to successfully pass this stupid machine in one try, without dying. I thought for sure that I would die here.

However, I did struggle with the next part though. And I knew that I would struggle with this part. This is now the start of Chapter 14 and this is when the Ubermorph shows up. He is basically an enemy you can’t really kill. You kill him and within a few seconds he regenerates and comes at you again. And again. Basically he follows you around in Chapter 14 and 15 (although there are some places he won’t go).

What I have to do here is hack a machine to unlock the door. However, I also have to deal with the Ubermorph. So the strategy here is to kill him first and then stasis him, which gives you a bit more time to hack the machine.

Man, I really struggled with this part. I just couldn’t hack the machine fast enough. I would kill the Ubermorph, stasis him, then try to hack the machine. But I couldn’t do it fast enough before he was out of stasis and regenerated. It didn’t help that I was nervous the whole time I was trying to hack the machine. So I had to kill him and stasis him again, then try my hack again. I did this “kill, stasis, try to hack” thing six times before I managed to be quick enough to hack the machine. But man, he was so close to me when I finished hacking. If it took me one second longer to finishing hacking it, he would have been on me!

From this point on, it was pretty much me running. I either used my Charged Beam’s Alt Fire or stasis to slow my enemies and then run past them. In fact, I used my Charged Beam so much that I was kind of afraid that I would run out of ammo before getting to the Final Boss, where I planned to use my Charged Beam exclusively. But I couldn’t worry about that now. I had to make it to the Final Boss first.

Fortunately, there is a store at the end of Chapter 14 where I would restock my ammo. Again, I grabbed lots of Charged Beam ammo.

At the beginning of Chapter 15, which the final Chapter in the game, I faced two Leapers. Instead of running past them, I decided I would kill them first. Well, I did kill them, but ended up taking a lot of damage (I’m still terrible at fighting Leapers, haha!). I had to use two medium medpacks, but luckily one of the Leapers dropped a medim medpack to replace one of the two I used. I still had a few medpacks left, just in case.

But now it would be all about running past enemies. Again I use the Alt Fire from my Charge Beam and stasis to slow down my enemies. Somehow I managed to make it to the Final Boss while taking very little damage.

Okay, this is it, the Final Boss. Like I said, I only used the Charged Beam here. I used the Charged Beam’s Primary Fire on the Boss. When the Boss “revealed the marker”, I also used the Charged Beam’s Primary Fire on that. When the Boss summoned other enemies to attack me, I used Charged Beam’s Alt Fire to stun them. I didn’t worry about killing them.

I did all this and pretty soon the Final Boss was defeated. YES!

But of course, as anybody who beat Dead Space 2 knows, there’s one more flying sequence before the end credits. And you can die here! I did die here on my Casual Playthrough.

So, for one more time in Hardcore Mode, I had to really concentrate and focus during this flying section. I really did not want to die here, especially since I had passed that stupid machine at the end of Chapter 13 in one go. This part is actually pretty easy, but the fact that I can instantly die here does make me nervous.

Fortunately, I passed this part successfully.

And therefore this Trophy popped up!

Dead Space 2 Hard to the Core Trophy

When I saw the notification for this Trophy appear on my TV screen, I started to do a little singing and dancing (hahaha!). My Hardcore run was over. I had managed to beat Dead Space 2 on Hardcore! This means that the Platinum Trophy for Dead Space 2 is definitely a lock for me. The only thing I have to do now is beat the game on Zealot Difficulty.

It took me about two and a half weeks to beat the game on Hardcore (but I didn’t play the game everyday during those weeks). I died 17 times. There were times when I doubted myself. I thought about quitting three times. But beating the game on Hardcore was definitely worth it.

It was an unforgettable journey and it was an extremely frustrating at times, but it was a journey that I’m glad I took. I challenged myself to beat Dead Space 2 on Hardcore and when I finally accomplished that, it was extremely rewarding.

Like I said in a previous blog post, my friend said his Dead Space Platinum Trophy is one of his most proudest Platinum Trophies. I definitely agree with him.

Because my Dead Space 2 Platinum Trophy will be one of my most proudest Platinums.

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