Dead Space 2: My Hardcore Mode Experience, Part 6 – From My Second Save to My Third Save

Dead Space 2 PS3

Okay, I’ll actually start out this blog post by telling you where I made my third save in Hardcore Mode and how many deaths between my second and third saves.

As mentioned in previous blog posts, my first save in Hardcore Mode was at the beginning of Chapter 4 and my second save was in the middle of Chapter 8.

My third save… well, it ended up being in Chapter 13. I made it pretty far in Chapter 13, but I didn’t make my save right before that dreaded machine at the end of the Chapter. I will explain why I made my save where I made it later on in this blog post.

So, how many deaths did I have, playing from Save Point 2 to Save Point 3?

I had…

… zero deaths.

Yes, that’s right. I did not die once between my second save and my third save. I could hardly believe it myself. After dying sixteen times before making my second save, I never would have imagined that I would not die once between my second and third saves.

I asked if anyone wanted to guess how deaths I had between Save Point 2 and Save Point 3 in my last blog post. So if you guessed zero, you were right!

Okay, so since I don’t have any deaths to talk about, I’ll talk about the difficult fights and difficult areas I played through from Save Point 2 to Save Point 3.

Like I said in my previous blog post, I died twice, in the exact same spot, in the zero gravity in Chapter 8. Well, this time I made it through there with no troubles. Oh, I did hold my breath while going through the first obstacle though (haha!).

In Chapter 9, there’s a room with a breakable window and on previous playthroughs, after the window breaks, I always had trouble shooting the part above the window to close it. The room is small, and no matter how far you stand away from the window, when it breaks, there isn’t much time to shoot the part above it.

This time I decided that I would try to kill the enemies here without breaking the window. There are two enemies. A dark, enhanced slasher necromorph appears first and then an Exploder appears. So I stasis the dark Slasher and then stasis the Exploder. I kill the Slasher with my Plasma Cutter.

Next I give the Exploder a second shot of stasis. I see that I’m too close to it, so I move away and then I start shooting it with my Plasma Cutter. Unfortunately I didn’t kill it before the stasis wears off. I should have shot another round of stasis at him, but I guess I must have panicked.

Instead, he moves towards me as I’m just shooting him with my Plasma Cutter. At this time, I’m not thinking about how dangerous it is for me to keep shooting at him. All I’m thinking about is why isn’t he dead yet? Luckily I managed to kill him without hitting his sack, so there was no explosion and no window breaking. But when he died, oh man, he was so close to me!

Also, when I killed him, I only had 1 piece of ammo left in my Plasma Cutter (and by this time I had upgraded the Capacity on my Plasma Cutter a few times). I hadn’t reloaded. If I hadn’t killed him and I needed to reload, it’s possible he could have slammed me. He was so closed to me that the explosion probably would have killed me. If not, then the explosion would have broken the window and maybe I might not be able to shoot it closed.

Man, my heart was beating so fast as I was fighting that Exploder. I had to take a breath afterwards (haha!).

It is only then that I realized how dangerous it was for me to shoot at the Exploder that many times with my Plasma Cutter. All it takes is one bad shot and the window would have broken and it might have been Game Over.

This was a sign. I should have known that fate wanted me to make it to that third save point without dying.

Anyway, also in Chapter 9, there’s a part where you’re riding up lift/elevator and it stops a bit little before it reaches the top. This is when a slasher necromorph appears and then an Exploder appears. This part made extremely nervous during this Hardcore Run because I knew an Exploder would appear. I think in previous playthroughs I always shot the Exploder’s sack when he was too close to me so I took damage when it exploded.

However, I was able to stasis the Slasher and then stasis the Exploder. Then I made the determination that the Exploder was far away enough and shot its sack. It exploded killing both the Exploder and the Slasher. I don’t think I took any damage.

Later on in Chapter 9, there’s an area with several Stalkers and a few Exploders. I was also nervous while going through here. Luckily my stasis was pretty decently upgraded and I also had a couple of stasis packs on me. So I took things slowly through this room.

When the Exploders spawned, they appeared quite a distance away from me, so I stasis them and shot their sack without taking damage from the explosions. I also used Stasis on some of the Stalkers. I did get hit once by a Stalker but luckily I didn’t die.

At the end of Chapter 9, I thought I would have serious problems during the part where you have to throw canisters at a tank to overheat it, while a Tripod is attacking you. If you kill the Tripod, another one will appear shortly.

During my Casual playthrough, this part was really easy. I was kind of overpowered, so I killed the Tripod with ease and didn’t worry too much about another one appearing. However, I knew this would be a different story on the higher difficulties.

My plan on Hardcore was to stasis the Tripod and then used a timed mine from my Line Gun to kill it. Naturally, I had a couple of stasis packs on me.

However, my timing was off when I faced the first Tripod. I put him in stasis then shot my timed mine, but the stasis wore off before the timed mine could explode. So he managed to hit me. Man, I thought I would die from that hit, but I didn’t. I spammed the Circle button on my Dualshock 3 controller to heal myself then I killed him.

My timing was better with the rest of the Tripods that showed up. I now knew that I had I had to shoot a shot of stasis at the Tripod, shoot the timed mine, and then shoot a second shot of stasis at my enemy. Instant kill.

In between each appearances by the Tripods I was able to throw two canisters at the tank. I think it took eight canisters (or maybe six?) before it overheated.

Next up is Chapter 10. Oh man, now that I think about it, there were several times where I could have died in this Chapter.

In the area with the two Brutes, I was way too fancy (haha!) when I fought the first Brute. I put him in stasis then shot at him with my Plasma Cutter. He didn’t die before the stasis wore off so the logical thing for me to do was to give him another shot of stasis. But no, I decided not to do that.

I just kept shooting him with my Plasma Cutter. He ran at me faster than I thought he would. Before I knew it, he managed to hit me. Man, I thought I had died. But I didn’t, so I healed up, put him in stasis, and killed him.

When I faced the second Brute, there was no fooling around. It was all business. I put in stasis, shot at him, put him in stasis again, shot at him, and repeated everything until I killed him.

After that, I knew that necromorphs were going to spawn in front of me and behind me, so I quickly picked up the item the Brute dropped and then I quickly ran to down that hallway all the way to where the lift and power node box were. That way, the necromorphs would only come at me from one direction. They actually came at me a lot slower than I expected. I think I managed to kill a necromorph before another appeared in my sight.

Later, after passing through the decontamination room the first time, I thought I would have trouble in the hallway right after that. However, I had no problems here. Enemies will spawn in front of you and behind you, so the key thing is to always look behind you while you’re moving. I fought some Pregnants here and I always use stasis on them.

I also thought I would really struggle when you get back to the decontamination room and have to fight. I actually thought that this would be the hardest fight for me in Hardcore Mode. The room is super small, so there’s not a lot of room to move around, and you’re locked in there until you kill all the enemies. I thought this was going to be hell.

But it turned out to be super easy. First I choose a corner of the room to stand, then I laid down some Detonator mines. The pack were the first enemies to appear and the mines took care of some of them. I took care of the rest with my Plasma Cutter.

Then a few more necromorphs show up, including a Puker (if I remember correctly). I tried to kill them as quickly as I could, using stasis sometimes. I took a little bit of damage, but the fight ended quicker than I thought it would and the enemies stopped coming. When the room got unlocked, I let out a huge sigh of relief.

The next area of note is the small room where two Exploders appear along with two other necromorphs. Man, this room scared me, because of the two Exploders. I had some stasis packs on me, so I didn’t hold back on using stasis here. I was able survive here because of stasis.

But when I got to the area where you to had to take out the battery to get pass the electricity, I did struggle a lot fighting enemies here. The thing is, I knew beforehand what kind of enemies were going to attack me and I knew how many enemies there would be. I knew that some of them were Leapers – Man, I hate Leapers! (haha!).

But even though I knew all that, I still struggled here. I took a lot of damage. I’m not sure why I did so poorly here. But the positive thing is I didn’t die.

I have read that a strategy here would be to take the battery out, go trigger the enemies, then put the battery back in so that the electricity would kill some enemies that spawned in that area. However, I didn’t want to do this because I was afraid I would mess this up somehow. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to put the battery back fast enough – that I would get attacked before placing the battery back in.

Okay, on to Chapter 11. The first fight has you fighting against some Stalkers and a few other enemies while you’re on a downward slope. Man, I really thought I had this part figured out, but my fight here was really sloppy to say the least. I took way too much damage, including being hit by a Stalker. But, as I’ve said on several occasions, the important thing is I didn’t die.

I also thought that I would do well fighting enemies in the area where you have to go down a ramp and replace a battery, since I had a general idea of which enemies I would facing and where they would spawn. Now I didn’t think that I would emerge from fighting these necromorphs without taking any damage but I figured that I would only take a little bit of damage.

But I was kind of clumsy and I actually ended up taking a lot of hits from the enemies here (haha!). There are several Lurkers and man, this is when they started to become a huge pain. I never had any problems fighting them during Casual playthrough, but on Hardcore (and Zealot) they are a huge pain (haha!).

You can also find the Advanced Suit Schematic in Chapter 11. I bought the Advanced Suit on my next visit to the store.

Before Chapter 12 there’s the elevator ride with the necromorphs dropping in you. I thought this part would be pure hell, just like I thought the fight in the decontamination room in Chapter 10 would be hell. But actually this part turned out to be a lot easier than I thought.

I used my Plasma Cutter for the majority of the fight but I also used my Force Gun and Line Gun as well. I had plenty of stasis packs with me, so I didn’t hold back on using stasis. For some reason I thought that there would be a lot of dark, enhanced necromorphs dropping in on this fight, but I think I only had to fight one. The rest were the weaker necromorphs.

Chapter 12 is a really short Chapter. I remember being surprised at how short this Chapter was when I did my Casual Playthrough. But of course this is the Chapter with the Drill Ride.

I thought that Drill Ride would be another one of the more difficult sections of my Hardcore Run, but it turned to be not as difficult as I expected.

Again, I mostly used my Plasma Cutter here, but I also used my Line Gun and Force Gun. I can’t remember what the fourth weapon I had on me was, but it was either the Charged Beam or Detonator.

However, I did use a lot of ammo. Man, I used tons of ammo! Before the Drill Ride I was almost fully stocked on ammo. Then I hopped on the Drill and entered a “shoot anything that moves” mentality (haha!). I have read some guides that said that I shouldn’t shoot any of the Lurkers (to save ammo) but I shot at them anyways! I couldn’t help myself (haha!).

When the Drill Ride ended, I had like 3 pieces of ammo in my Plasma Cutter, and my other weapons were either extremely low on ammo or were out of ammo. If the Drill Ride would have lasted a bit longer than it did, then I would have been completely out of ammo. I would have been in hot water!

So I’m lucky the Drill Ride ended when it did. I’m still alive, and I would get to restock my ammo at a store before the next fight.

But the surprising thing is that I didn’t lose as much health during the Drill Ride as i thought I would. When I would later play through this section on Zealot, I actually had a real tough time during the Drill Ride. I died six times before making it through.

So I restocked my ammo at the start of Chapter 13 and then I preceded use up almost all that ammo in the next fight (in the area where you have to hack the panel). There are some enhanced Lurkers here and again, they were a huge pain (haha!).

Luckily, you’re able to go back the store from this area, so after I killed all the necromorphs I had to go back and restock my ammo again at the store.

I thought the fight in the Lab would be a difficult one but I killed all the necromorphs without too much trouble. Of course, I used a lot of ammo (haha!).

There’s another fight with some Stalkers (with some Pukers) here in Chapter 13. I thought I might take some serious damage here, but I managed to survive this fight without taking very much damage.

Alright, so after I had beaten Chapter 12, my plan was to make my third save near the end of Chapter 13, right before that stupid machine.

However, after passing the spinning lasers I reached the room where I ultimately decided to make my third (and final) in Hardcore Mode. It’s the room before an area with three floors – the top floor and middle floor have tons of necromorphs coming at you, while the bottom floor has a Brute.

I didn’t have trouble with the three floors during my Casual Playthrough, but I remember thinking that this area might be extremely difficult for me if I played it on a higher Difficulty. It was quite possible that I could die here during my Hardcore Run.

I reminded myself that I had played from the middle of Chapter 8 all the way up this point in Chapter 13. I didn’t want to die in the next couple of fights, have my progress be erased, and have to start over again in Chapter 8.

Also, I wasn’t that far away from that stupid machine at the end of the Chapter, so even if I failed at the machine, it wouldn’t set me back too far.

So I made my third (and final) save here in Chapter 13.

As I turned off my PS3 for the night, I remember thinking that I couldn’t believe that I made it from Save Point 2 to Save Point 3 without dying once. Unbelievable!

Alright, my next blog post will be the conclusion of my Dead Space 2 Hardcore Run. Did I end up beating the game on Hardcore…? Join me next time to find out.

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2 Responses to Dead Space 2: My Hardcore Mode Experience, Part 6 – From My Second Save to My Third Save

  1. Zzirconium says:

    Your dead space 2 hardcore mode adventures are so well described and exhilarating, I did experience much myself, and that’s definetely your point there : this mode is a lot about atmosphere and mere tension ! I had an advantage of being on Xbox and therefore having an additional save spot (though versatile) at the begining of chapter 7 (and I used it A LOT sincères I freaked much in the space elevator >< )

    Now I shall not losen the efforts since I did not yet complete my hardcore journey. But yesterday night I eventually put my third save right at the begining of chapter 13. After countless deaths at various places since my second save (end of 8.) Unlike you, this was a lot more painful (although a bit les than the first save at the end of 4, that was a bitch to reach, starting all over again with nothing, having to solve once more the early bench upgrades dilemna). What I especially hate In hardcore (but hey that's all the point 🙂 ) is dying earlier than you died before… Feeling desperate finding spots where everything always went fine before but then it happens to become an additional freaking spot 😀

    I hope last three levels will be OK. I run my zealot game in parallel to get use to the spawning points and timing.

    Manu thanks for your articles, I just bumped here this morning while looking for some acknowledgement that my last savez point was OK. And I ended up reading the whole, laughing at your words !

  2. jdawg182 says:

    Thanks so much for reading these articles! Good luck with your Hardcore run!

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