Dead Space 2: My Hardcore Mode Experience, Part 5 – From My First Save to My Second Save

Dead Space 2 PS3

Alright, so in my last blog post, I said that I managed to make my first save in Hardcore Mode at the end of Chapter 4. I also died ten times in Hardcore before making that first save.

Let’s continue on. Keep in mind that each time I die, instead of starting from the beginning of the game like the previous times, I will start over at my save point in Chapter 4.

Also, at this point I wasn’t sure where I would make my next save, but I thought that I would figure it out as I kept playing.

Death 11 – Chapter 6, The Big Fight with the Pregnants and Leapers (First Fight in Chapter 6)

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I had about 40,000 credits on me when I made my first save at the end of Chapter 4, which is near the store and bench. I didn’t buy the Security Suit yet, and this time I decided to not buy it (but perhaps I might buy it later). So I spent some credits on ammo and power nodes.

Previously I mentioned dying in Chapter 5, but this time I made it through Chapter 5 with no problems and I would never die in Chapter 5 again. I’ve heard some people say they’ve had trouble with the Tormentor Fight, but I never had any problems fighting him. I used my Plasma Cutter and at this point it’s pretty decently upgraded.

So I make it to the first fight in Chapter 6. You know, it’s the area where a Pregnant shows up, then two Leapers, another Pregnant shows up, and there’s some more Leapers, etc…  I must have really underestimated how hard this fight would be.

I killed the first Pregnant, the two Leapers, and the second Pregnant. Then the second group of Leapers show up. I underestimated how fast they are and they’re on me before I even know it. I die.

Game Over.

It was at this point that the Leapers became tied with the Exploders as my most hated enemy in Dead Space 2 (haha!).

In my next few tries, I would bring lots of stasis packs here and just spam stasis on the Leapers to make them more easy to deal with. I never died here again.

Death 12 – Chapter 6, Second Encounter with the Cysts

When I started over from my save in Chapter 4, this time I decided to buy the Security Suit because I wanted to carry more items on me. From now on I would buy this suit every time I started over here.

Out of all the deaths I had in my Hardcore Runs, this next death was the result of the most stupidest thing I did in the game (well, killing a puker with melee attacks was really stupid as well).

I guess I was trying to conserve ammo, but in Chapter 6, when I countered the cysts for the second time, I wanted to grab one of the bomb things that shoot out by using my TK. So I get near one, it shoots the bomb thing, and I tried to TK it. I missed, and BOOM! I die (haha!)

Game Over.

Man, so stupid. (haha!)

Of course now I know that the best way to grab those exploding bomb things is to stand far from the cyst and either shot it with a weapon or use TK to throw something at it to make it toss up its exploding bomb thing.

Death 13 – Chapter 8, Right after Tiedemann finds you in the Zero Gravity Area

On this run, I was feeling good. I had made from the end of Chapter 4 to Chapter 8. I said to myself, “Okay, make it to Chapter 9 and then save your game.”

Unfortunately I never made it to Chapter 9.

Before we get to my death in Chapter 8, I wanted to mention a few things about Chapter 6 and 7. In my Casual playthrough, I remember thinking to myself that the Gymnasium Fight in Chapter 6 would be a huge pain for me in Hardcore Mode. Well, while playing in Hardcore Mode I always took some damage here, but I never came close to dying.

By the way, I always chose to throw the dead bodies out of the gym so that the Infector would not make new necromorphs.

I was kind of scared (haha!) about the Elevator Ride with Tripods in Chapter 7, but I found a really easy way to do it, as long as I had plenty of Detonator Mines. So as I’m riding the elevator, I stand in the middle and have the Detonator equipped. I would spin the camera around with the right analog stick and then stop when I saw a Tripod. I would aim at it and shoot it with Detonator. Then I would find the next Tripod. The key here is to spin the camera around without holding the aim button, since you spin the camera faster when you’re not aiming. Of course, once I see the Tripod, I will aim and shoot. And I definitely have remember to reload.

Also, I always get nervous during the part in Chapter 7 where you are ejected into space and you’re flying through there. I have died during this part on my Casual Playthroughs, but fortunately I never died here in Hardcore Mode.

And finally, at the end of Chapter 7, if you really don’t want to fight the enemies during the sequence where you’re locked in and your air is running out, I read in a guide that you can just run laps around this area (but don’t hug the wall, or you might get stuck) until Ellie opens the door. I have never fired a weapon here and I also never took a hit here during my Hardcore Runs.

So I make it to Chapter 8, and I’m in the Zero Gravity Area. Then Tiedemann comes on and says something like “Thank Ellie for letting me know your location” (I don’t remember exactly what he says, haha!). Tiedemann turns on the lights and turns on the “obstacles.” After the first obstacle there are Lurkers.

I never had trouble here during my Casual Playthroughs and I never died here before. However, as I made my way through the first obstacle, I started getting really nervous. Sure enough, I hit the obstacle and died.

Game Over.

I couldn’t believe it. This was really frustrating.

Death 14 – Chapter 8, First Encounter with Enemies in this Chapter

This death was the result of being careless (and being over confident). In Chapter 8, when you first encounter enemies there’s a room that can be opened by a power node. I always open this room anyways, because there’s a schematic for the Vintage Suit in there. I always buy this suit right after obtaining the schematic, unless I don’t have enough credits.

So when I deal with the enemies, the strategy here is to open the power node room, stand inside there, and then have the necromorphs funnel their way to me one by one. If you decide to use this strategy, when you’re standing in the power node room fighting the necromorphs, make sure that you stand close enough to the door so that it doesn’t close. Because if you haven’t killed all the enemies and the door closes, then they will follow you into the room using the vents. They’ll jump out from the vents.

Anyway, I underestimated these necromorphs, took some damage while fighting them, and for some reason I didn’t heal up. I was in the middle of reloading when one of those dark, enhanced necromorphs rushed up and jumped at me. I have heard some people say that the necromorphs do more damage when they run and jump at you like that. He killed me before I could even get a shot off.

Game Over.

Like I said, I was careless and overconfident. I never used stasis and I didn’t heal up.

Death 15 – Chapter 8, Same exact place as Death 13 (zero gravity area where Tiedemann finds you)

Yes, my fifteenth death in Hardcore Mode was in the same exact spot where my thirteenth was. I couldn’t believe it. As I mentioned above, I never had trouble with this part during my Casual playthroughs.  In a way, I felt that the game was cheating (haha)..

After this really frustrating death, for the third time, I gave serious thought to quitting Hardcore Mode and just moving on to a different game.

However, I went back to my Zealot playthrough, and when I got to this part, I went through it three times (via the checkpoint restart option) and now I felt that I knew how to get through this part successfully.

This is when I decided to make my second save in Hardcore Mode right before this area. I would kill the necromorphs in the room just before the zero gravity area in Chapter 8 and then go back to the room where you meet up with Ellie and Stross and save my game.

Yes, making the second save here is a bit earlier than I want to make it. I was kind of hoping that I would make it to Chapter 9 or 10 before making my second save. But if I died at this same part in Chapter 8 again, at least I wouldn’t have to start over again at my first save at the end of Chapter 4.

Death 16 – Chapter 7, Area where the window breaks and you get sucked out

This time I died in Chapter 7. I died in the area with breakable window. If the window breaks, everything gets sucked out, unless you shoot that part above the window to make it close down.

Now I did die here on my Casual playthroughs because I stood on the wrong side of the room (haha!) – I stood too close to the breakable window. However, when I replay this section and the window breaks, I never had any trouble shooting it closed.

But this time somehow I couldn’t shoot it closed. I was using my plasma cutter and managed to get off three shots, but all three shots missed.

Game Over.

Truthfully, I couldn’t believed I died here. Did the game glitch on me…? Like I said, I never had problems shooting the window closed in this area before.

Anyway, after dying for the sixteenth time in Hardcore Mode, I started over at my save in Chapter 4, and thankfully this time I was finally able to make it out to that Chapter 8 Save Spot that I was shooting for.

I killed the necromorphs in the room before the zero gravity area, went back to the room where you see Ellie and Stross, and made my second save. When I made this save, I was so relieved.

Alright, to recap, I made my first save at the end of Chapter 4 and my second save in the middle of Chapter 8. I had ten deaths before my first save. I had six deaths in between my first and second save. So in total, I’ve had sixteen deaths.

In my previous blog post I asked if you wanted to guess how many deaths I would have between Save Point 1 and Save Point 2. If you said six deaths, then you are correct (thanks for playing!).

Next time I talk about playing from my second save to my third save in Hardcore Mode. Again, feel free to guess how many deaths I will have between Save Point 2 and Save Point 3.

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