Dead Space 2: My Hardcore Mode Experience, Part 4 – More Deaths and My First Save in Hardcore Mode

Dead Space 2 PS3

Okay, last time I talked about my first five deaths in Hardcore Mode. Let’s continue on.

Remember, I haven’t made my first save yet, so each time I die I have to start over at the beginning of the game.

Death 6 – Chapter 1, Room where you get stasis ability

So in Chapter 1, I get to the room where you get the stasis ability. A necromorph will show up and run at you really fast. You’re suppose to shoot stasis at him first and then kill him (I’m not sure if you can kill him without putting him in stasis first but I suppose that’s possible).

Anyway, this time I somehow miss him with my first shot of stasis, but manage to hit him with my second (and final) shot of stasis. I aim my Plasma Cutter at him… only to find out that the Plasma Cutter has no ammo in it because I forgot to reload.

So I panic. I tried to shoot another shot of stasis at him but I’m out it. Then I reload my Plasma Cutter, but it’s too late. The necromorph got out of stasis and he was quickly on me. I died.

Game Over.

Man, I must have had a serious brain fart (haha!) here, carrying around a Plasma Cutter with no ammo in it. I usually always reload my weapons pretty quickly after firing them. In fact, I probably go overboard with the reloading. But here I just plain forgot. How was that possible…? (haha!)

I have since figured out an easier way to deal with this necromorph. After hacking the machine, instead of just staying in that corner to shoot stasis at him, what I do is move to the right, which makes a bit easier for me to hit him with stasis.

Death 7 – Chapter 1, Boss Fight

Those of you who read my last blog post will remember that I have already died here before in Hardcore Mode, when I fought the Chapter 1 Boss. It was my second death. However, in the other times after that when I fought him during Hardcore, I didn’t take damage from him at all.

This time, however, I guess I was just unlucky. Yes, while fighting this Boss, I was going around the middle pillar. But I ran out of stasis so I ran over to the wall where the stasis machine was. I guess I mistimed my run, because the boss was able to land a hit on me with his super jump attack. I didn’t die but I fell down and was low on health.

In hindsight I guess I should have spammed the Circle button on my Dualshock 3 controller to restore health. But what I did was try to run away and then restore my health.

Somehow he was able to get in a second hit before I got away, and that second hit killed me.

Game Over.

Death 8 – Chapter 2, Laundry Room

In my previous times playing this game, I didn’t have too much trouble killing the enemies in the laundry room in Chapter 2, even on Hardcore.

Yet this time… I guess I walked into the laundry room just expecting an automatic victory. I got careless. I let the enemies quickly overwhelm me and when that happened I died. It was a Leaper that got me. I still had a full stasis bar when I died because I didn’t use it at all. It would have really helped. I guess I was too overconfident.

Game Over.

Death 9 – Chapter 1, First Time you meet the Pukers

Man, I felt really stupid after this death (haha!). This time, as I played through Chapter 1, I was in a heavy “ammo conservation” mode. So when I met the two Pukers in the Chapter, I killed one of them with my Plasma Cutter. The other one I put in stasis and then, in order to conserve ammo, I decided to ‘melee him to death.” As he died, his “puke” squirted out and hit me, even though he was in stasis. Apparently, this close range “puke” does a lot of damage and it instantly killed me. I don’t remember if I had full health or not.

Game Over.

Needless to say, I never used melee attacks on a Puker again (haha!)

Death 10 – Chapter 2, Hanging Upside Down at the end of the Chapter

So at the end of Chapter 2 you ride the tram and then end up hanging upside down while several enemies attack you. I have gone past this point during Hardcore Mode before, but I don’t know what went wrong here. For some reason I couldn’t kill the enemies fast enough. I ended up dying. I actually don’t know which enemy killed me. It could have been an Exploder but I’m not sure.

Game Over.

Man, what the heck is going on? Like I said in my last blog post, I wanted to make it to the Chapter 5 and then make my first save. However, in my last five attempts, I didn’t even get close to Chapter 5.

Again, what the heck is going on?

Was I too impatient? No really – most of the time I went through the game slowly.

Was I too careless? Maybe…

I also said in a previous blog post that I wasn’t discouraged and I wasn’t too frustrated with Hardcore Mode, because I felt that I was getting better at the game.

Well, now I was severely discouraged and highly frustrated with Hardcore Mode, because I felt I was getting worse at the game. After making it to Chapter 5 and dying, my next five deaths were either in Chapter 1 or Chapter 2.

Again, I gave some serious thought to quitting Hardcore Mode and moving on to a new PS3 game.

Then I thought about shelling out some money to buy some of the DLC weapons from the PSN store, since several guides and youtube videos highly recommended that I buy those weapons.

But in the end I decided to give it one more go, without the DLC weapons. If I died again without having any improvement, I would seriously look into buying the DLC weapons.

So one night I started what would be my eleventh attempt at playing Dead Space 2’s Hardcore Mode.

And this time, amazingly I was able to make it from the beginning of the game all the way to point where I wanted to make my first save. Wow, finally! This was incredible!

I did feel a bit nervous in Chapter 2 when I entered the laundry room and when I was hanging upside down at the end of the Chapter, but I managed to get through those parts.

There was one memorable thing that happened in Chapter 3. During the random spawn area, I got the spawn with three Exploders. I killed the first one, but got slammed by the second one. Somehow I didn’t die. I quickly healed, and then I got slammed by the third Exploder. And again, somehow I didn’t die. By this point I had put enough power nodes into my RIG to get the first two HP upgrades. And in between slams, I spammed the Circle button to quickly heal myself. But I did not die.

I’m not kidding. I was slammed by two exploders but did not die.

I could hardly believe it myself. Finally, I had some good luck. I guess this was kind of a sign that this time I would be able to make it to my first save point.

So I get through Chapter 3 and then basically I beat Chapter 4. I killed all the enemies in Chapter 4, and the only thing left to do was to go down into the crypt to start Chapter 5. Like I said in my last blog post, I wanted to make my first save at the beginning of Chapter 5.

However, I decided that I go back to the gift shop area in Chapter 4 and make my first save there. The reason I did that is because that save spot was right next to a store and a bench. I had almost 40, 000 credits on me.

So the next time I played, when I loaded up this save, there were several things I could do before moving on. I could decide to buy some power nodes at the store and do some upgrades at the bench. Or I could decide to buy the Security Suit (the schematic for this suit is found in Chapter 4), which would allow me to carry more items with me.

Like I said, the only thing I had left to do in Chapter 4 was to go down into the crypt to start Chapter 5. So basically, this save would be like a save at the beginning of Chapter 5, except I was next to a store and a bench (the save point at the beginning of Chapter 5 does not have a store or a bench close by).

After saving my game, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Yes, I didn’t make it as far as some other people before making the first save, but this was a pretty good spot for me.

Alright, so that’s ten deaths before I made my first save in Hardcore Mode. So if you guessed that I had ten deaths before my first save, you were right!

Next time, I will continue talking about my Dead Space 2 Hardcore Run, up until the point where I make my second save.

Again, feel free to guess many deaths I will have between Save Point 1 and Save Point 2. Will it be ten deaths? Less than ten? More than ten…? Hmm….

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