Dead Space 2: My Hardcore Mode Experience, Part 2 – My Casual Difficulty Playthrough before Hardcore Mode

Dead Space 2 PS3

I first heard about Dead Space 2’s Hardcore Mode when I talked a friend two years ago. He has the Platinum Trophy for this game and he was telling me how proud he was of that Platinum Trophy, because he had to beat the game in Hardcore Mode.

When he told me that Hardcore Mode only lets you save three times, I remember thinking to myself that I would never want to play Hardcore Mode if I ever bought the Dead Space 2, because I thought it might be too difficult for me.

Yes, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I do have the Platinum Trophy for the original Dead Space game, which meant that I did beat Dead Space on the hardest difficulty. But I died a lot and I also saved my game a lot.

Anyway, I would indeed go on to buy a copy of Dead Space 2 for the PS3. If you want to read more about me buying this game, check out my blog post “Videogame Shopping Trip Report #8”.

When I decided to start playing Dead Space 2 last month, I softened my stance on Hardcore Mode. I said to myself, “Let me play the game on a lower difficulty first to get a feel for the game and how hard it might be, and then I’ll decide if I want to play on Hardcore.”

What I actually ended up doing was play through the game twice on Casual Difficulty (which is the easiest difficulty setting). For my second playthrough on Casual, I used the new game+ option, which meant that my stuff would carry over.

During theses two playthroughs I managed to get most of the trophies for the game. I saw that I was a few trophies away from getting the Platinum. One trophy I was missing was the one for beating the game on Hardcore. Another one I didn’t have was for beating it on Zealot difficulty.

So I decided to give Hardcore Mode a try. I figured that if I managed to beat it in Hardcore, then the Dead Space 2 Platinum Trophy is pretty much a lock for me. If not, well, it’s not the end of the world…

In my next blog post I’ll talk about the first part of my Hardcore Run. Before that, I wanted to use this blog post to say a few things about my first playthrough on Casual Difficulty, to give some background and set the stage.

I remember dying quite a few times in Chapter 1 the first time I played through the game, even though I was playing on Casual Difficulty. I would go on to die a few hundred more times before completing the game (haha!).

At the beginning of the game, where you had to run like hell (haha!), I died twice, because I ran the wrong way. Yes, I know, technically this isn’t Chapter 1 yet.

These early deaths really surprised me, since when I played the original Dead Space, I also played the game on the easiest difficulty the first time I played it, and I didn’t have my first death until I was more than halfway through the game. And that first death was the result of me doing something stupid, so it’s possible I could have played further before getting my first death.

So here I am playing Dead Space 2, and within 1 or 2 seconds of playing (if you don’t count any of the cutscenes), I die. Man, this game means business!

Later on in Chapter 1, I had serious problems trying to get past that dark room with three necromorphs. It’s the second fight in the game and it’s the part after the elevator ride. You don’t have any weapons yet and you don’t have stasis yet. So you’re supposed to use TK (telekinesis) to kill those three enemies. I died 4 or 5 times before I was able to successfully kill those three necromorphs.

Right then and there I seriously thought about quitting the game. That room just really frustrated me. This was the beginning of the game.  And I was playing on Casual. Would the game get even more frustrating…?

I have since found an extremely easy way to kill those necromorphs and pass through that dark room and Ill talk about this in my next blog post.

Anyway, I continued on. My next death was in the room where you first get stasis. I didn’t think that necromorph would come at me that fast. I missed so badly with my two stasis shots and before I knew it, he was on me. This part here, in my opinion, is the game’s first “cheap death”. Unfortunately, there were would several more.

I now know an easier way to deal with this necromorph in the stasis room but every time I face him I still get a bit nervous and panicky.

I think I also died when I fought the boss at the end of Chapter 1. He has a cheap super jump attack that does some good damage. But later on, after facing him a couple of times, I can beat him without taking any damage, although his jump attack is still cheap.

My next really troublesome spot occurred when I faced the Pack for the first time in Chapter 3. For some reason, I kept letting them get close to me and I kept getting overwhelmed. I died maybe 4-5 before beating the Pack. And yet again, I thought about quitting the game. Remember, I’m playing on Casual Difficulty.

I don’t remember why I struggled so much when I fought against the pack here. Part of it was that I panicked a bit, since this was the first time I faced them (I don’t believe they were in the first Dead Space game).

Anyway, after finally beating them, I never died again while fighting them, even in my Hardcore Run.

After that, I don’t think I struggled very much with any other parts of the game during my Casual Difficulty playthrough, even though I still had some cheap deaths here and there. I guess the more I played, the better I was at using my weapons and killing the enemies.

Getting some power nodes and upgrading my weapons, RIG, and stasis really helped. I was able find a good amount of power nodes lying around and I had plenty of ammo and other items to sell to buy more power nodes. By the time I played the last couple of Chapters of the game, I was almost ridiculously overpowered.

The first time I faced that stupid machine at the end of Chapter 13, I did die on my first attempt but passed it on my second attempt.

Alright, so in my next blog post, I’ll talk about the first part of my Hardcore Playthrough, including my first couple of deaths.

After reading about my Casual Difficulty playthrough in this blog post here, anybody want to guess how many times I died and started over from the beginning before I did my first save in my Hardcore Run…?

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