DVD/Blu-Ray Pickups #7: Bought some TV shows! (Strike Back, Terra Nova, 24, Touch)

The other day I bought 4 TV shows on DVD from Walmart. They are: 24 Season 1, Touch Season 1, Terra Nova: The Complete Series, and Strike Back Season 2.

24 Season 1 Touch Season 1

Strike Back Season 2 Terra Nova

For $15 I bought 24 Season 1. I have actually watched the earlier edition of the 24 Season 1 DVDs, but if I remember correctly, those episodes on the original DVD release were in the Full Screen format, while this 24 Season 1 DVD set has the episodes in widescreen 1.78:1 format.

After 24 ended its run on TV, Keifer Sutherland went on to star in another TV series called Touch. I wasn’t sure if I would like this show, but then the Playstation Store offered the first episode for free. So I downloaded it, watched it, and like it a lot. So for $14.99, I bought Touch Season 1.

Just like Touch, I have watched the first two episodes of Terra Nova, which I downloaded from the Playstation store when the offered them for free last fall. The first two episodes are a 2-parter, and I enjoyed watching these two episodes. I was looking forward to buying it when it got released on DVD. So when I saw that Walmart had the Terra Nova: The Complete Series for about $10, I knew I was going to pick it up. There were only 13 episodes produced and I believe that the show was supposed to have a second season but it was canceled, so I do wonder if the show ends in an abrupt manner.

Finally, for about $25, I bought Strike Back Season 2. Of course, I have watched the first season and I really enjoyed it. This show actually reminds me of 24 a lot. Now while the storylines and action scenes in Strike Back are good, they are not as good as 24. Also the entire season of Strike Back doesn’t take place in 24 hours. However, if you always wanted 24 to have R-rated profanity and sex and nudity, well, Strike Back definitely delivers on that front.

Note: In this blog post I mentioned getting the episodes of Touch and Terra Nova for free from the Playstation Store. From time to time, they will have some free episodes of various TV shows to download, but they only offer them for free for a limited time. Therefore, currently episodes of Touch and Terra Nova are not free.

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