Gamer Update #11: SOCOM 4 (PS3) – The Online Trophies (Reminder: the online servers for MAG and the SOCOM games on the PS3 will be shut down on January 28, 2014)

I know SOCOM 4 for the PS3 was not one of the games that I wrote about in my “Games I’m planning on playing in August” blog post. I have actually been playing a lot of Max Payne 3 (PS3), and I’ll probably write about Max Payne 3 in a future “Gamer Update” blog post.

However, last week I was talking to a friend and we were talking about the SOCOM games and this reminded of the fact that the online servers for SOCOM 4 on the PS3 will be shut off on January 28, 2014. The servers for SOCOM: Confrontation and MAG will also be shut down on that date as well.

Socom 4

Now I don’t own MAG or SOCOM: Confrontation, but I do have SOCOM 4, and up until now I hadn’t played it yet. But I knew that if I wanted to play any of the online multiplayer or get any of the online trophies, I would have to do so before January 28.

SOCOM 4 only has three online trophies that are simple and pretty easy to get, so a few nights ago I decided to would try to get all three of these trophies. I figured it wouldn’t take me that long.

Since my copy of SOCOM 4 was bought brand new, it came with a code for some free DLC called SOCOM Pro. However, I read somewhere online that all the SOCOM 4 DLC are no longer available to download from the Playstation Store, so I didn’t bother with this code. This game also came with a code for early access to Resistance 3, but I didn’t bother with that code either.

Anyway, I took out my SOCOM 4 game disc and placed into my PS3, then booted the game up. The game prompted me to download a small patch, so I did that. After that I had to download four more updates (of various sizes) from the SOCOM servers. This took a pretty long time.

After all the downloads were done, the game installed all the game data onto my PS3 hard drive, and I got to say, this was one of the slowest installs ever on my PS3. The whole process of downloading and installing game data took about an hour, so for anyone out there thinking about starting SOCOM 4, I recommend having a book or magazine to read while the game downloads and installs the game data. Or you can go play a videogame on a different system or go watch TV for awhile.

You also need about 2 GB of free space on your PS3 hard drive, because after downloading and installing everything, the game data for SOCOM 4 has a file size of 1779 MB, as you can see in the picture below.

Socom 4 Game Data

Note: I have heard some people have had trouble downloading the updates the SOCOM servers. However, I didn’t any trouble downloading at all.

As I mentioned above, there are three online trophies. You get a trophy for playing in and completing a competitive multiplayer game and you get another trophy for playing in and completing all four competitive multiplayer game modes. The four game modes are Suppression, Bomb Squad, Last Defense, and Uplink.

The third trophy is for completing a custom campaign mission in co-op.

All of this seemed simple and easy enough.

I went for the two competitive trophies first. For these two trophies to pop, you don’t have to win any matches, but you do have to play the multiplayer matches to the end. You can’t exit out in the middle of the game.

To play all four competitive game modes, you can either manually choose to enter each game mode or you can use the “medley” option, which will automatically cycle through all four game modes.

I choose the “medley” option and I had no problems connecting to a game. I don’t remember what game mode the first match was, but as soon as that match ended, I got the “N00B” trophy, which is the trophy for completing a competitive multiplayer game.

Socom 4 N00B Trophy

After playing matches in the other three game modes, the “Good Game” trophy popped for me. This, of course, is the trophy for completing a game in all four competitive game modes. Remember, you don’t have to win these matches, you just have to play these matches to completion.

Socom 4 Good Game Trophy

The final online trophy I needed to get is the “Combined Assault” trophy, which requires you to complete a custom campaign mission in co-op. Now despite what the description of the requirements for this trophy says, you don’t have to play with another player to get this trophy, since you can launch the game from the lobby without another player being present. You do have to be online connected to the SOCOM 4 servers, which is why this is an online trophy.

Oh sure, if you played with another player, it will probably be easier to complete the mission and get this trophy, but if you can’t find anyone to play with, you can do this solo. Just make sure you’re online and you’re in the online multiplayer section of the game.

Also you can choose any setting for the custom campaign mission, so if you want to have an easier time, set the enemy count to “Low” and set the difficulty to “Easy”, which is what I did. There are different game types – the game mode I played was “Takedown,” which required me to kill the enemy commanders.

Now even though I played with those easy settings, it took me a few tries to complete this custom campaign mission, mainly because I suck at this game (haha!). The mission isn’t too long, but there are no checkpoints, so if you die then you have to start over at the beginning.

I did finally manage to beat the mission by killing the enemy commanders and the “Combined Assault” trophy popped. Again, I played by myself, without a co-op partner.

Socom 4 Combined Assault Trophy

So there you have it. If you want to include the time that was spent downloading the updates and installing everything on my PS3 hard drive, it took me about three hours to get the three online trophies for SOCOM 4. I’m sure that you could get this done in a shorter amount of time if you did better than me in the custom campaign mission.

Now that I have the online trophies for SOCOM 4, that’s one less thing to worry about in regards to this game. So I’m going to put this game aside for now and come back to it later. Perhaps one day I will try to get the platinum trophy for this game and if that’s the case, then it’s good to know that I already have all the online trophies.

Okay, it’s time to get back to Max Payne 3!

I’ll end this blog post with another reminder that the online servers for SOCOM 4, SOCOM: Confrontation, and MAG will close on January 28, 2014. So if you want to get any of the online trophies for those games or play online multiplayer, you need to do so before that date.

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