The Hunt for Max Payne 3…???

In my “Videogame Shopping Trip Report #13” blog post, I wrote about buying several games at a Kmart store. I also said that I passed on a few games, including Max Payne 3 for the PS3.

Well, a couple of days later I suddenly had this urge to want to play Max Payne 3. So a few days ago I got the chance to go to a different Kmart store, and this time my plan was that I would buy Max Payne 3 for the PS3 if they had it in stock.

There was one catch though… The price of Max Payne 3 at the other Kmart store is $19.99 I would not buy the game at this Kmart store if the price was higher than $20.

I think some of you know where this is leading…

So I get to the electronics section (where the videogames are located) of the Kmart store and a friendly lady sales clerk there greeted me. She asked me if I was looking for a particular game.

I told her that I was looking for Max Payne 3 for the PS3 and we went over to the videogames area to see if we could find the game.

Almost immediately she spotted Max Payne 3 for the Xbox 360. In fact, they had seven copies of the game for the Xbox 360.

I told her that while I do have an Xbox 360 system, I preferred to get the game for the PS3.

After a little more searching, I saw that they did indeed have Max Payne for the PS3. They had two copies of the PS3 version and these two copies were kind of hidden among the other PS3 games.

However, the price for the game was $29.99 It was $10 more expensive than it was at the other Kmart store.

So I said to the lady sales clerk, “I saw this game for $19.99 at another Kmart store. Could I get it for that price?”

She replied, “We don’t price match other stores like Best Buy.”

Okay, but I didn’t say anything about Best Buy. I mentioned again that this game was $19.99 at another Kmart store.

And she said, “Oh, we don’t price match another Kmart store.”

Wow, who would have thought that Kmart wouldn’t price match other Kmart stores? Well, actually I shouldn’t have been too surprised, since I have run into a few similar situations at other stores.

So I thanked her for helping look for the game and then I told her that I wouldn’t be buying the game today.

A few days later, I decided that I would drop by the same Kmart where I saw Max Payne 3 for PS3 for $19.99 the other day. Thankfully they still had one copy of the game in stock, so I bought it, for $19.99

Max Payne 3

I’m pretty happy that I have the game now and I’ll be playing it soon.

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