Just finished watching Falling Skies Season 1 on DVD… Great little sci-fi TV series!

A few weeks ago I bought the Falling Skies Season 1 DVD set for $20 at a Walmart, and I just finished watching all the episodes.

Falling Skies Season 1

Originally airing on TNT, Falling Skies is a science fiction TV show about humans fighting against aliens after they have already invaded Earth. While the show does have some nice action scenes and some pretty cool alien creature designs, for me the best thing about Falling Skies is the show’s extremely likable cast of characters. I mean, if an alien invasion really did happen, it would be cool to hang around these characters from this show.

Falling Skies Season 1 3-discs

The Falling Skies Season 1 DVD set has all ten episodes of the first season on three discs. Disc 1 has the first four episodes, Disc 2 has the next four episodes, and the Disc 3 has the final two episodes. Disc 3 also has the special features, including a really cool featurette with footage of some of the cast and producers at their Comic Con Panel.

Season 2 of Falling Skies was just released on DVD. I’ve seen it in stores for around $20 and I’m definitely buying it. Can’t wait to watch the second season’s episodes!

One final note: My Falling Skies Season 1 DVD set also came with a code to download a digital copy of the episodes from UltraViolet. I believe you can either stream or download the episodes. I have not used this code yet, so I can’t comment on how it works. But if I do use this code in the future, I will update this blog post accordingly. This download code does have an expiration date, and it’s June 5, 2014.

I’m not sure if these download codes come with every Falling Skies Season 1 DVD set or just the DVD sets that are bought from Walmart. But if the DVD set does come with this download code, you will see a sticker about it on the shrinkwrap (you don’t see that sticker in the pics above because I have already taken off the shrinkwrap and discarded it).

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