My Trophy Hunting Experience with Dead Island GOTY PS3, Part 4 – The Final 4 Online Trophies and The Platinum Trophy

Dead Island

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I managed to acquire the final four Dead Island online trophies that I needed for platinum trophy. I’ll go over these four trophies now, starting with “People Person.”

Dead Island People Person

This trophy requires you to play online with 10 different people for at least 15 minutes each. This trophy ended up being a little bit harder and more annoying to get than I thought it would be. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not really that hard. It’s a trophy you’ll eventually get if you keep playing online co-op.

When I first read the description for this trophy before playing online, I was thinking that this trophy is not that bad. I was thinking 15 minutes is not that long.

However, when I started playing online with other people, 15 minutes sometimes felt like an eternity (haha!).

You see, at any point during an online game, the person you’re playing with could just drop out. I’ve had people drop out 15-30 seconds after I started playing with them. I’ve had people drop out after 2 minutes. I’ve had people drop out after 5 minutes. Yeah, it was annoying to have people constantly dropping out before I played with them for at least 15 minutes.

However, I never had any doubts that I would eventually get this trophy, even though it took me longer to get than I initially thought it would take. I’m pretty sure I played with 20-25 people before getting this trophy.

I remember this one memorable online game. I was playing with this person for about 10 minutes when another person joined. This new individual was a complete jerk. I think he/she was a hacker, because as soon as he/she joined us, he/she started killing us with some sort of explosive weapon that would kill us in one hit. We managed to kick him/her out of the game, but he/she was able to rejoin. We kicked him/her out again, but once again he/she rejoined the game. After kicking him/her out the third time, this person decided to stay away, perhaps to go mess with another person’s online game.

Next up, I’ll talk about the “Going Steady” trophy.

Dead Island Going Steady

If you look at the time stamps in the pictures of the four online trophies that I have posted in this blog post, you’ll notice that out of these final four online trophies, I managed to get this one first.

This trophy requires you to complete 25 quests online with at least another player. But you don’t have to do all 25 quests in one online game. You can do 2 quests in one online game and 3 quests in another game, and that would count as 5 quests towards this trophy. These quests could be either be main story quests or sidequests. You just have to make sure you’re completing these quests with at least another person in that online game.

I was actually able to do most of the quests for this trophy in two online games. The night before, I was able to find an online game where we were able to complete 10+ quests. And then the next afternoon, I joined a game where we did about 8 quests.

Moving along, as I mentioned in my last blog post, as I was playing these online games with other people, Dead Island decided to freeze up on me for the first time. It was frustrating and discouraging.

But I continued on. And I’m glad I did,…

… because after restarting my PS3, the second online game I joined had 3 players in there. When I saw which characters these three people were playing as, I couldn’t believe my eyes! One player was Sam B., one was Xian Mei, and one was Purna. I happen to be playing as Logan. I couldn’t believe my luck! I knew, right then and there, that I had to join this game. And if I was successful in joining this game…

Well, as I was connecting to this game, I was crossing my fingers, hoping and praying that my connection would be successful.

And I was, indeed, successful! I was able to connect to this game, and yes, that meant that as soon as I joined, I got the “Originality” trophy.

Dead Island Orginality

Yes! I couldn’t believe it! The “Originality” trophy requires you to join an online game with 3 other players and each one of you needs to be a different character. I didn’t think I would be able to get this trophy without boosting.

Now I have read that some people, who got this trophy without boosting, did it exactly how I did it. But you would need a lot of luck. And I guess today was my lucky day.

Okay, now that I was in a group with 3 other people, I needed to complete 5 quests with them to get my final online trophy, the “Menage a trois” trophy. Just like the “Going Steady” trophy, these 5 quests could be story missions or sidequests.

Oh, it was almost not meant to be. About 2 minutes after I joined this online game, one of three people decided to drop out. So it was down to just me and 2 other people. Sure, I could just go ahead and complete some quests with these 2 people, but it would not count towards the “Menage a trois” trophy, which, like I stated above, required me to complete 5 quests with 3 other people.

I was thinking that maybe I wouldn’t be getting the “Menage a trois” trophy today…

Luckily, shortly after that person dropped out, another person (who was playing as Logan) managed to join our game. So now I was back in a group with 3 other people.

Okay, let’s do some quests!

So we went to do some quests and as we were doing the quests, I kept saying to myself over and over, “Please, don’t any of you drop out. Please, don’t any of you drop out.”

Because if even one person dropped out, as I mentioned above, I would not be able to get credit towards the “Menage a trois” trophy.

Anyway, after we managed complete our first quest together, in addition to what I was saying above, I started saying two other things.

I started saying to myself, “Please Dead Island, don’t freeze up. Please Dead Island, don’t freeze up.”

I also started saying, “Please internet, don’t go down. Please internet, don’t go down.”

As I was going about, trying to complete 5 quests with these three people, I kept saying the above things over and over again (haha!).

Alright, so what 5 quests did we do? Well, since we were playing Dead Island from the beginning, the first two quests we completed were the two main story quests, “Passport to Life,” where you had to go get the keycard, and “Exodus,” where you had to clear out the zombies from the Lifeguard Tower.

Next I was able to complete two sidequests with my three co-op partners. I completed “Lazarus Rising,” which had you collecting 4 car parts to get the car up and running, and “Bloody Health Service!”, which had you knocking down the door to the infirmary and killing the two zombies there.

At this point, no one had dropped out, the game did not freeze up, and my internet was still up and running. So I had gotten credit for completing 4 quests with three other people. One more quest, and I would get my final online trophy.

For the final quest, I wanted to do the sidequest “Life in a Bag,” which had you looking for a paramedic bag for the doctor, but I couldn’t complete this quest because the quest was started by one of the other players, so the game wouldn’t let me pick up the paramedic bag to bring to the doctor.

So I did the sidequest “My Precious…”, which had you looking for a necklace for one of the female NPCs. I went to get the necklace, returned it, and completed the quest.

When I had completed this fifth quest, again, no one had dropped out, Dead Island did not freeze up on me, and my internet had not gone down. Which meant that this trophy popped for me…

Dead Island Menage a trois

As soon as I got this trophy, I sat on my couch in total disbelief. I couldn’t believe I did it. I couldn’t believe that, over a 2-day period, I had managed to get all the online trophies required for the Dead Island platinum trophy. And I got all these online trophies without boosting.

Man, I was on an incredible high.

Now I only had one more trophy to do before getting the platinum trophy. Playing as Sam B., I needed to find a ram and “tackle it,” which meant killing it with the tackle skill. That would give me the “Oh no you don’t” trophy.

So a couple of nights later, I did just that. I played as Sam B., found a ram, and killed it with the tackle skill. The “Oh no you don’t” trophy popped, and then the platinum trophy popped!

Dead Island Platinum Trophy

This Dead Island platinum trophy is one of the more satisfying platinum trophies that I have gotten. Mainly because I never thought that I would be able to get all the online trophies without boosting.

Like I stated in my previous blog post, if it was meant to be that I would get these online trophies, then I would get them.

And in the end, I found out that…

… it was, indeed, meant to be.

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