My Trophy Hunting Experience with Dead Island GOTY PS3, Part 2 – The Online trophies (The First Night)

Dead Island

A few nights ago I decided that I wanted to try getting some (if not all) of the online trophies for Dead Island. I had gotten all the other main game trophies that I could get offline, except the “Oh no you don’t” trophy, which I would save for later.

Now they did release some DLC called Bloodbath Arena that has some online trophies and I do have access to this DLC since I am playing the Game of the Year edition of Dead Island on my PS3. But since these Bloodbath Arena trophies aren’t required for the platinum trophy, I’m not too concerned with getting them.

My focus was only on the six online trophies that are required for the platinum trophy, although I may try to get some of the Bloodbath Arena online trophies at a later date.

The six online trophies that I was looking to get are:

  • Need a hand?
  • Together in the Light
  • People Person
  • Going Steady
  • Originality
  • Menage a trois

One of the reasons why I wanted to do beat the campaign first prior to playing online is that I had heard stories about hackers playing Dead Island online, and how jumping into online games with these people could cause your save files to become corrupt, erasing possibly hours of progress.

So I wanted the campaign beaten and most of the offline trophies out of the way, in case my save files get corrupt while playing online. Thankfully, that never happened but the game did freeze up on me once while I was in an online game. My save files were fine though.

So that night I started up a new game as Purna and preceded to join some online games. As stated in my previous blog post, if I was to get all these online trophies without boosting, I knew that I would need a lot of luck.

I had no problems connecting to my first online game and the “Need A Hand?” trophy popped as soon as I joined that game. However, the guy I was playing with dropped out five minutes later, so he ended up not being one of the people for my “People Person” trophy, which requires you to play with 10 different people for at least 15 minutes each.

The guy was also a bit of a jerk and trash talker, but I would not have had any problems just playing with him and completing co-op missions with him. However, he dropped out before we could complete a mission, so I also didn’t any credit for completing any co-op missions during this session. Oh well, I had gotten the first of my online trophies for Dead Island and I was on my way…

As the night went on, I joined a couple of more online games and was able to play with a few people for 15 minutes to make some progress towards the “People Person” trophy. In fact, during one online game I was able to complete five quests with another person to acquire the “Together in the Light” trophy, which requires you to complete five quests with at least one co-op partner during one online game session.

One memorable online game that I joined had these two kids who sounded like 14 year olds. They weren’t really interested in doing any quests, they were more interested in goofing off and trying to do stuff like jumping on top of some high buildings in the resort area. We did attempt to do one quest, but we didn’t complete it. I hung around them long enough to get some credit towards the “People Person” trophy and then dropped out. The “People Person” trophy only requires you to be in an online game with 10 different people for 15 minutes but you don’t have to do quests with them. Of course, if I had been able to do quests with these two kids, it would have counted towards other trophies…

I also joined a game where one dude was duplicating what I think are hacked weapons. He was handing them out to people and he offered me one. I didn’t take it and I quickly dropped out of the game, for fear that being in a game with these hacked weapons might corrupt my save files.

Anyway, I went to bed that night pretty discouraged. Sure, I had gotten two online trophies, “Need A Hand?” and “Together in the Light”. I had also made some progress towards two other online trophies. I had played with six out of the ten people for the “People Person” trophy, and I had completed 16 of the 25 co-op quests required for the “Going Steady” trophy.

However, two of the final online trophies required me to be in an online game with three other people. And that night I could not find one single online game with three other people. Most of the online games that I was in only had one other person.

I was thinking that there was absolutely no way for me to get the final two online trophies unless I was willing to boost.

So I went to bed thinking that tomorrow I would go for the two doable trophies “People Person” and “Going Steady.” And then I would decide whether or not I wanted to boost…

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