My Trophy Hunting Experience with Dead Island GOTY PS3, Part 1 – The Main Game Campaign Trophies

I can’t believe I did it.

Man, I still can’t believe that the other day I managed to get all the Dead Island online trophies for that are required for the platinum trophy. Granted, these trophies aren’t too hard to get if you have three people to help you out, but I was able to get all these online trophies without boosting.

Which makes getting these online trophies a lot more satisfying.

Okay, let me rewind a bit. Before I talk about the online trophies, I want to talk about the trophies that I got offline first.

Dead Island

As you can see in the picture above, I have the Dead Island Game of the Year edition for PS3. When I first started playing this game, I took a look at the trophy list and thought to myself, “Man, some of these online trophies can be really tricky to get without boosting. Either I need to have a lot of luck, or I’m going to have to ask some people to help me with them.”

Since the version of Dead Island that I have is the GOTY edition, I do have access to the DLC Bloodbath Arena, which does have some trophies, including some online trophies, but since the Bloodbath Arena trophies are not required to get the Dead Island platinum trophy, I’m not too concerned with getting them. In the end, I did managed to get some (but not all) of the Bloodbath Arena trophies.

In case anyone is wondering, with this PS3 Dead Island GOTY version, you don’t install anything on your PS3 hard drive, you just play the game from the disc. The DLC is already on the disc, and also requires no installation on your hard drive. In fact, you don’t even need to download any patches, since the latest patch is already on the disc. It is awesome that Deep Silver and Techland to put out a product like this!

Anyway, when I started playing Dead Island, what I decided to do first was to play through the entire campaign by myself in single player while getting every trophy that I could get offline. Then I would do the online trophies last.

I do want to note that, since you can play the entire game (except the prologue) in co-op online, I believe you can get most, if not all, of the trophies in Dead Island while playing online.

However, I chose to play through the entire campaign offline first.

When you start out playing the main campaign, there are four playable characters to choose from. I choose to play as the Chinese female agent Xian Mei. I played through the entire campaign and beat the game with her. On this playthrough, I got all the trophies that I could get offline, except for the “Oh no you don’t” trophy, which requires you to play as Sam B., who is one of the other playable characters.

There have been reports of trophies getting glitched and not unlocking, and save files getting corrupted, but thankfully all my Dead Island trophies unlocked when they were suppose to and none of my save files got corrupted.

As Xian Mei, I was able to level up to level 50 to get the “School of hard knocks” trophy before getting to the final boss. The enemies scale up to your current level, which does make the game harder as you level up, but this also makes it possible for you to get enough experience points from killing enemies to level up to level 50 without having to do a second playthrough.

I’ll go over some of the more notable (and tricky) trophies that I got while playing the campaign offline as Xian Mei.

The “Can’t touch this” trophy requires you to kill 15 zombies in a row with a hammer without getting damaged. I believe it took me four tries to do this. Most of my kills for this trophy were done near the lighthouse, including the street leading up the lighthouse. Naturally, it is recommended that you try to get this trophy while you are at a lower level, so that the zombies are weaker and easier to kill.

The “Swing them sticks” trophy has you killing 150 enemies using analog fighting controls. First you have to change your controls to analog fighting controls in the options menu, as the default controls are not the analog fighting controls.

I have read that you could get some of these kills by using a vehicle and driving over enemies while the controls are set to the analog fighting controls, but I believe that the game was patched up to prevent this, since my kill count for this trophy did not go up when I tried doing this. I got my 150 kills by using  melee attacks to kill the zombies.

To be honest, while I did find using the analog fighting controls to be uncomfortable at first, it wasn’t too hard to kill zombies using these controls. It did feel like a grind at times, since I wanted to get my 150 kills over and done with so I could switch the controls back.

For the “One is all I need” trophy, you have to kill 5 Infected (those screaming zombies that run right at you) in a row with a single blow. Some people have suggested that you should try going for this trophy during the “defend the mechanic at the garage” story mission.

Others have said to try this at the tunnel near the second gas station in the resort, especially since those Infected running out of that tunnel would on fire and weakened by it. I actually to tried get this trophy there, but failed many times.

However, I managed to get this trophy when I accidentally entered one of the quarantine areas of the city during Act II. I stood on top of a vehicle and it seemed like there was an endless amount of Infected spawning in this location. I believe the weapon I used to kill them in a single blow was a big axe at full strength (or near full strength).

The “Light my fire” trophy was harder and a lot more trickier to get than I thought it would be. For this trophy you have set 10 zombies on fire at the same time. When you’re in the city, it’s not too hard to find 10 zombies. The problem, at least for me, is getting all 10 zombies close together in order to light them all up at the same time. I had a real hard time doing this, even when I used meat baits (which attracts zombies).

It took me 10-15 tries before I got this trophy. There were times when I thought I lit up 10 zombies but I guess I only lit up 8 or 9 zombies.

And finally I was able to find 5 exceptional weapons for the “Rootin’ Tootin’ Lootin’” trophy in my one playthrough as Xian Mei. But as I was playing the game, I took it nice and slow, I did most of the sidequests, and explored a lot.

After beating the campaign with Xian Mei, I played Act I and beat it three more times with the three other characters (Purna, Sam B, and Logan) to get the “Right 4 Life” trophy.

As I stated above, thankfully none of the trophies gitched on me and they all unlocked when they were supposed to. In my next blog post, I’ll talk about how I went about acquiring the online trophies.

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