Videogame Shopping Trip Report #10: Crysis 2, Fable III, Deus Ex Human Revolution, etc… ($20 games at Kmart and Walmart)

Last week I picked up a few games from Kmart and Walmart. We’ll start with the Kmart purchases first. At a local Kmart store I bought 5 games: Crysis 2 (PS3), Alice Madness Returns (PS3), Shadows of the Damned (PS3), de Blob 2 (PS3), and Fable III (Xbox 360). De Blob 2 was $10, while the other four games were $20 a piece.

STR 10 Kmart

I remembered watching the trailers for Crysis 2, and that made the game look amazing! The trailers made the game look like a FPS that I could really get into. I have talked a few people who played the game and they loved it.

Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel to American McGee’s Alice, and I have played a little bit of the first game. Alice: Madness Returns does come with a downloadable code for the first game.

Shadows of the Damned comes from Suda 51 (director of No More Heroes) and Shinji Mikami (director of the first Resident Evil game). Despite this pedigree, Shadows of the Damned pretty much went under the radar for me when it was first released. It’s only recently that I’ve been hearing more about the game and people have been saying it’s a great, underrated action game.

I’ve been really getting into western RPGs, so buying Fable III was a no brainer. I will have to play and beat the first two games first though. I own Fable II, but do not have Fable 1. I will most likely buy Fable 1 from the Xbox Live Games Marketplace and play it that way.

At $10, de Blob 2 was kind of an impulse buy, but for that price I think I will find enjoyment from this game. While the game is compatible with the Playstation Move, I don’t believe the PS Move is required, since I think you can also use the PS3 dualshock 3 controller. Now I do have a PS Move controller, so I’ll probably play the game using it.

A few days later I had to buy a few things from Walmart, so I checked their videogame section while I was there, and ended up buying three games. All three games are PS3 games and they were $20 each. The three games I picked up are: White Knight Chronicles II, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

STR 10 Walmart

Just like Crysis 2, I watched the trailers for Deus Ex: Human Revolution before the game came out and that got me really fired up for this game! I did play Deus Ex: The Conspiracy for the PS2 and I had an enjoyable time playing that game, despite the issues that it had.

I really enjoyed playing the original White Knight Chronicles game, so I knew I had to buy the second game. For those of you who missed out on the first game, White Knight Chronicles II does come with a remastered version of the first game, and I believe this is because you need to beat the first game and have a save file in order play the second game (but don’t quote me on this, haha). Regardless I will definitely be importing my save file from the original game when I play White Knight Chronicles II.

Now I know there are people who are sick and tired of the EA’s Need For Speed games, but I do like playing them, for the most part. I’ll probably never buy them for $60, but I’ll pick them up once they drop to $20. Developed by Criterion (the developers of the Burnout games), I believe Hot Pursuit is one of the better Need For Speed games that came out in the last couple of years. I’ve been wanting to play this game for awhile.

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