It’s sad to see THQ go

As a lot of you gamers know by now, THQ is no more, having sold most of their properties to other videogame companies. I was hoping that THQ would be able to make it, but perhaps this was an unrealistic expectation, since probably the only thing that could have saved them is either Darksiders II or WWE 13 (or both) selling like a Call of Duty game, and that was highly unlikely.

I am currently playing Saints Row The Third: The Full Package. I am about ten hours into it and so far I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s sad that THQ won’t be publishing a fourth Saints Row game, but I’m glad that Saints Row 4 will still most likely be made, since the Saints Row franchise and it’s developer Volition were sold to Koch Media, owner of Deep Silver, which has published games like Risen and Dead Island (which is a game I’ll probably start playing next month)

Saints Row The Third Full Package

I’m crossing my fingers hoping that Koch Media/Deep Silver will have Volition develop Summoner 3! Koch Media also acquired the rights to the Metro games, so Metro: Last Light will probably be released.

I’m also glad that South Park: The Stick of Truth will mostly likely see a release as well, since the game was sold to Ubisoft. This was a game I was looking forward to.

Other THQ properties that were sold include Relic Entertainment (sold to Sega), Evolve and WWE series (sold to Take-Two Interactive), and Homefront (sold to Crytek).

THQ games that I have played on my PS3 and/or Xbox 360 include Darksiders, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Homefront, and the first two Saints Row games. As I stated above, I am currently playing Saints Row The Third, and I will probably start playing Red Faction: Armageddon soon.

Red Faction Ar

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