Playstation Move Gaming #3: New Pickups – Time to get off the couch and Move!

I just picked up four new Playstation Move games for my PS3. They are Everybody Dance, Michael Jackson The Experience, Fit in Six, and Get Fit with Mel B (I can hear everyone out there laughing, haha!)

PS Move Pickups

The thing that all four games have in common is that you have stand up and move your body around while playing these games. It is currently winter time where I live and I have admit that sometimes I just don’t feel like going outside for some physical activity during the cold and snowy winter months. So hopefully these four games can help me get some exercise while I’m indoors this winter.

I got Everybody Dance for $19.99 at Walmart, while the other games were bought at Kmart for $14.99 each.

Michael Jackson the Experience does have many of his hit songs including “Bad,” “Thriller,” “Beat it”, and “Billie Jean.” I do like some of his songs, so I think I will enjoy this game.

Meanwhile, Everybody Dance has 40 songs including New Kids On the Block’s “You Got It (The Right Stuff)”. People who know me know that I’ll definitely be dancing to this NKOTB song! (haha!)

“You got the right stuff, baby,..”

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