Hungry-Man XXL Sandwich – Angus Beef Charbroil Burger Review

A few weeks ago I noticed that Walmart had this Hungry-Man XXL Sandwich: Angus Beef Charbroil in their frozen food section, so I decided to buy one and try it out. One of these burgers cost about $2.30 at Walmart.

Hungry Man Burger

As seen in the picture above, the burger does have cheese on it, but it does not have pickles (if you want pickles, you’ll have provide them yourself).

This burger is microwavable, and to microwave it (from frozen), you remove the burger from the wrapper and wrap some paper towels around it. Next you place it in the microwave and microwave it on High for three minutes, and then let it stand in microwave for a minute before serving.

Now this isn’t the best burger I’ve ever tasted, but for a burger that you can microwave, it is quite tasty. I have gone back to the store and bought a few more of these to eat.

The downside is that this burger does have 740 calories (420 calories from fat), which isn’t unexpected. So to work off the calories after eating these, I’ll probably be doing some walking/jogging or play some dance videogames like Just Dance or Everybody Dance. (haha!)

If you buy frozen food and like to eat burgers, then I say give this burger a shot. It doesn’t take very long to prepare, so when you don’t feel like cooking or when you don’t have much time for cooking, you can pop this burger into the microwave for a quick meal.

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