Playstation Move Gaming #2: Carnival Island review

Carnival Island

As I stated in my first “Playstation Move Gaming” blog post, Carnival Island (which is the game on the left in the picture above) is the first Playstation Move game that I played. I had some friends and family come over during the holidays, so they have also played this game with me.

The game box cover states that there are “over 35 games and attractions,” but this is a bit misleading, since some of the games are variations of the same game. Carnival games that you can play include shooting basketballs, bottle toss, coin toss, and a shooting gallery.

The motion controls work well for the most part. I am good at some of the carnival games, but I am also terrible at some of them. However, some of my friends and family were able to do well in some of the carnival games that I’m terrible at.

Carnival Island has a single player story mode and some multiplayer modes. There is no online multiplayer, so you play multiplayer with the people gathered around your TV.

You can play multiplayer with two Playstation Move controllers, or you can play with just one Playstation Move controller – you take turns and pass around the controller. Since I only have one Playstation Move controller, I played all the multiplayer games with one controller.

In one multiplayer match, you play 5 carnival games, and for each carnival game you get points for coming in first, second, third, etc… The person with the most points at the end of the 5 games wins. You can choose which 5 carnival games you want to play, or you can have the computer randomly choose for you.

Playing multiplayer is a lot of fun. My friends and family do have young kids, and everyone (young and old) enjoyed playing Carnival Island. My dad and brother got a huge kick out of beating me at this game (and they beat me good! haha!)

One thing I should note about Carnival Island is that it has some pretty long load times that happen very frequently. In both single player and multiplayer, there is a load time anytime you enter a carnival game to play that game. So in a multiplayer game where you play 5 carnival games, there will be a load time between each of the 5 carnival games. In the story mode, every time you enter a new area there’s a load time.

This is a pretty minor thing, but it can get annoying.

In the single player story mode, you need to go around the carnival and unlock all the carnival games. Each carnival game has a set of challenges, and to unlock the next carnival game you only need to beat two of these challenges. Some of these challenges are very easy and you will probably beat a majority of them without even trying. Challenges include doing things like reaching a certain score, scoring three baskets in a row, knocking over all the bottles in one round, etc…

As I have mentioned before, I am not good at some of the carnival games, so I did find beating some of the challenges and unlocking some of the carnival games to be tricky. It required several tries on my part. But overall, I did not have too much trouble unlocking all the carnival games.

Each time you play one of the carnival games, you earn some tickets based on how high you scored. You can use this tickets to buy prizes. There are a lot of prizes, so even after you beat the story mode, you probably won’t have enough tickets to buy all the prizes. You will need to replay the carnival games several times if you want to buy all the prizes.

Depending on how good you are at the carnival games, the story mode can be beaten in about 2-3 hours (I believe it took me about two and a half hours). Of course, if you are real good at the carnival games, then it will take less time.

After beating the story mode, you can free roam around the carnival. You can go play any of the carnival games and earn more tickets to buy prizes. You can also try to beat any of the challenges you haven’t beaten yet.

This is a PS3 game with trophy support. Since this is also a “kids game”, some of you trophy hunters out might be wondering if this game has easy trophies. Well, most of the trophies in this game are easy to get. However, the platinum trophy may be hard for some people to acquire, especially if you are not good at some of the carnival games, since one of the trophies requires you to beat all the challenges in the story mode.

I know that for me, beating all the challenges will be an extremely difficult task.

Also the platinum trophy requires the use of two Playstation Move controllers, since you will have to play several multiplayer games using two Playstation Move controllers to get another one of the trophies.

To sum everything up, if you are an adult gamer who plans on playing single player only, then I do not recommend buying this game, since the single player story mode is so short. However, if you have a group of people to play videogames with, especially young kids, then this game makes a great purchase.

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