My Picks for the 2013 NFL Wild Card round Playoffs and for the BCS National Championship game

I had fun doing this last year, so I’m doing this again this year. And just like I stated last year, I’m not an NFL expect, I’m just a regular guy who loves watching football. So here’s my picks for this weekend’s Wild Card playoffs:

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Houston Texans

Many of the NFL analysts on ESPN are picking the Bengals to win. I have no doubt that the Bengals are a good team. They’re on a hot streak, having won 7 of their last 9 games, while the Texans have kind of limped into the playoffs, having lost 3 of their last 4 games. However, I believe Houston is still the better team, so that’s why I’m picking them to win. Winner: Texans

Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are favorite here, but the Colts have a certain “it” factor – that killer instinct, that unbelievable will to win that says “We won’t be denied victory”. Andrew Luck will lead his team to victory. Winner: Colts

Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers

Despite making the playoffs and even with the monster year that Adrian Peterson had, I think people still have doubts about the Vikings. I believe they are a genuinely good team, but they will not beat Aaron Rogers and the Packers. This game is played in Green Bay, but even if it was played in Minnesota, I would still pick the Packers. Winner: Packers

Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Redskins

RGIII is unbelievably good, but Seattle has a great defense and they have that same killer instinct that the Colts have. Some people have doubts about whether Seattle can win on the road, since all 5 of their losses this season have been on the road, but I think they’re a much better team now than they were a month ago. Winner: Seahawks

I’ll end this blog post by giving my pick for Monday night’s BCS National Championship game. Many think that Alabama will blow out Notre Dame. I’m picking Alabama to win but I think it will be a much closer game than people think.

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