Videogames I plan on playing in January 2013 (Mass Effect 2, Saints Row The Third, and more)

Happy New Year, everyone!

There are four games that I plan on playing in January 2013. These four games are all for PS3, as I have not yet decided what games I want to play for my other videogame systems, including the Xbox 360.

These four games are Mass Effect 2, Binary Domain, NeverDead, and Saints Row The Third The Full Package.

January 2013 games

I have played the original Mass Effect on the Xbox 360, and I absolutely loved it! Mass Effect not only ranks as one of my favorite RPGs of all time, but it’s also one of my favorite games this generation (the wii/Xbox 360/PS3 generation). So I’m really looking forward to playing Mass Effect 2.

Binary Domain is a third person shooter from Sega that was actually released earlier this year. The game got some good reviews but I guess it kind of flew under the radar and I don’t think it sold well initially. I bought the game for $14.99 at Kmart in November. I have heard good things being said about this game from other gamers.

NeverDead got horrible reviews, and perhaps that’s why I was able to buy a brand new copy of this game for about $8 at Best Buy – they were really trying to get rid of this game (haha)! I did watch some previews and gameplay footage for this game, and it looked like a cheesy horror type game that I could get into. Plus it has a Megadeth song, so I got to love that! I just hope the game is playable enough for me to play through the game and beat it (haha).

And finally, you might remember me mentioning Saints Row Third in my last blog post. The Saints Row series has always been one of my favorite series of videogames in the sandbox, open world genre, so I’m super excited to play the latest entry in the series. I just hope I don’t encounter many game freezes (haha). As I mentioned in my previous blog post, this version of Saints Row The Third comes with the DLC, but unless the DLC is integrated into the main game, I’ll probably just concentrate on beating the main game in January and come back to play the DLC at a later date.

I hope there will be a Saints Row 4 someday, but with all the financial hardships THQ is facing nowadays… well, I just hope THQ is able to pull through.

These four games will probably not be the only games I will play in January. As I stated above, I have not decided what game (or games) I want to play on the Xbox 360. Since I did just recently get the Playstation Move, I will also be playing some PS Move games, but mostly I will be playing these PS Move games with friends and family when they come over. I will be blogging about the PS Move games I play.

Alright, this is my last blog post of 2012. Hope everyone has a great 2013!

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