My 2012 Black Friday shopping story

Yeah, I know. It’s a little bit too late to be telling my 2012 Black Friday shopping story, but I think it’s a pretty interesting story (although nothing too special), so here it is.

Just like Black Friday of 2011, I wasn’t really planning on going shopping on Black Friday this year. However, my brother (who came to visit me for Thanksgiving) went out and bought the local newspaper with the Black Friday ads, so I took a look at the ads. There wasn’t really anything that caught my eye, but I did notice that Best Buy had Call of Juarez: The Cartel (both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions) on sale for $7.99 on Black Friday, so I decided that I would just casually go over to Best Buy on Black Friday to see if they had a copy of the game for the PS3. If they did, I would buy it. If not, well, no big deal… or so I thought…

I believe Call of Juarez: The Cartel has gotten some mediocre reviews and some bad reviews, but I have seen some of the previews and gameplay footage for this game, and it looked like a game I could get into. I did enjoy playing the last Call of Juarez game, Bound in Blood, so I think there’s a pretty good chance that I would enjoy playing The Cartel as well. And $7.99 was a great price for it.

So Thanksgiving 2012 came to an end and midnight came. There were several stores that would be opening at midnight for their Black Friday sales and Best Buy was one of them. About 20 minutes before midnight my brother headed off to Barnes & Noble and Target for their Black Friday sales.

I waited at home and then about 25 minutes after midnight I hopped into my car and drove to the closest Best Buy, which was less than 5 minutes away. I was going to look for Call of Juarez: The Cartel for the PS3.

I knew that there would be people lining up outside Best Buy as early as two days ago. The reason I decided to wait 25 minutes after Best Buy opened at midnight before going there is that I thought that by this time most, if not all, of people waiting outside Best Buy would have gone into the store. Oh boy, I was totally wrong.

When I got to Best Buy, there was still a long line of people waiting outside to get into the store. I said to myself, “Aw hell no! I’m not waiting outside in the cold.” (haha!)

So I turned my car around, drove home, and hopped into bed to go to sleep.

The next day (okay, it was actually the same day, since I went to bed after midnight), at around noon time my brother and I, along with several family members who were hanging out with us, decided to go out to a restaurant for lunch.

But before going to lunch I decided to drop by the same Best Buy I went to (or almost went to) the previous night. As you can expect, there were still a lot of people there and unfortunately they had no copies of Call of Juarez: The Cartel. That totally sucked, but hey, maybe I was just not meant to get this game, at least not for this sale price…

I didn’t leave the store empty handed though. I saw that they had Saints Row The Third The Full Package version on sale for $24.99 (the regular price for this game was $49.99), so I decided to buy it for the PS3. I don’t think this was a Black Friday sale, I think the game was on sale for this price for that whole week.

Saints Row The Third

This Saints Row The Third The Full Package version is kind of the like the Game of the Year version of this game. It comes with most of the DLC (but from what I read online, it does not come with all of the DLC), so I thought that $24.99 was a great price for this game.

After eating lunch, my brother and I went to a different Best Buy store. I glanced around the videogame section to see if they had Call of Juarez: The Cartel for PS3, but could not see one.

So I went over to my brother and told him, “Let’s go somewhere else.” However, he wasn’t quite ready to leave yet. He wanted to look around the store some more. So I said to him, “No problem,” and I went back to look at the videogames.

Fifteen minutes later, a minor miracle happened. As I looked through the shelves of games in the PS3 section, hidden behind some PS3 games, as if someone had hid it there, was a copy of Call of Juarez: The Cartel for the PS3! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I immediately grabbed it and went to go buy it.

CoJ The Cartel

Well, it looks like I was meant to buy this game at the $7.99 price after all (Yes!) Yeah, I know, it’s not like I found a brand new copy of Suikoden II for the Playstation hidden at that Best Buy or anything that. I know that Call of Juarez: The Cartel is a mediocre game and some might even call it a bad game. It’s not a game most people would get excited for. But like I said above, I do believe this will be a game that I will enjoy playing.

It was the game I was looking for on that Black Friday, and it took awhile, but I finally found it. Again, similar to the situation the described in my “DVD/Blu-Ray Pickups #4” blog post – if my brother had not stopped from leaving that Best Buy store, I would not have found and bought Call of Juarez: The Cartel. Funny how things sometimes work out that way.

I would end up doing some more shopping after that and I picked a few other non-gaming things on that day, but after I managed to buy Call of Juarez: The Cartel for $7.99, two words popped into my head:

Mission Accomplished!

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