Embarrassing Stuff I Own #3: Princess Leia toy (Star Wars Unleashed)

Why do I have this?

I think the better question would be, what guy who collects toys and action figures wouldn’t want this in their toy collection? (haha)

This is the Princess Leia toy (in her slave outfit from Return of the Jedi) from the Star Wars Unleashed toyline. As you can see in the back cardboard packaging, this toyline also produced Darth Sidious and Luke Skywalker toys.

I first heard about this Princess Leia toy from ToyFare magazine, which I use to read a lot. ToyFare is a magazine that not only covers toys and action figures from the past and present (and also previews future toys that have yet to be released), but also has a cool toy price guide at the back of magazine. Now I never bought toys to intentionally resell them later, but it was always cool to glance over the price guide. I was always interested in looking at the prices of toys in the various Transformers toylines. Sadly, ToyFare has ceased publication and does not exist anymore.

So I saw this Slave Princess Leia toy in ToyFare magazine and I thought it was something cool to have in my toy collection. I mean, who isn’t a fan of Slave Princess Leia? (haha) But at the same time I knew this toy would also be something that is quite embarrassing to have. So when I got this toy, I never displayed it and very few of my friends even know that I own this toy.

I guess this toy was an extremely highly sought after toy, since I only saw it once in my local stores that sold toys. But I never really actively hunted for it. The one time that I saw it in a store was when I bought it.

I was at a Target store several years ago, and I saw this toy. Unfortunately there’s quite a bit of damage on the plastic packaging (which you can’t see too well in the above pictures), but despite that, I still wanted to buy the toy. I think that the only reason I was even able to find this toy there is because the packaging had damage on it, so collectors passed on buying this. So I am thankful that I was able to buy this toy, even with the damage on the packaging.

I don’t remember how much I paid for it, I would say something like $10-$20. I also don’t remember what year I bought this toy. In the of back of the cardboard packaging, it says 2004, so I guess 2004 was the year I bought this toy.

For the longest time, I actually forgot that I had this toy. I just stumbled across it the other day while I was looking for something else. It’s still in its original packaging, but maybe one day I’ll open it and display it…

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