Why do people open up and eat food before paying for it while shopping for groceries?

Last night I was in the grocery section of a local Walmart store and I saw a lady pushing a shopping cart in the aisle with soda pop. She had a little girl sitting in the cart, and next to the girl was an opened bag of potato chips. The lady was eating the potato chips. Not only that, she was feeding the little girl potato chips as well! She, of course, had not paid for her food yet.

This isn’t the only time I saw something like this. I remember one time standing in line at the checkout lane (of a different store). The lady in front of me grabbed a Sprite, opened it up, and started drinking it.

Another time I was also standing in the checkout lane (of yet another store) and a lady in front of me reached for a candy bar, unwrapped it, and took a bite out of it!

Why do people do this? Why do people open up their food and start eating it even though they haven’t paid for it yet?

But perhaps the better question is, why do stores allow this?

Yes, I know that this has been going on for a while now, and it will probably continue. And yes, I know that these people do eventually pay for the food they’re eating.

But my point is that since they have not paid for this food yet – it’s not their food and they should not be able to eat it!

Okay, so you’re hungry (or thirsty). So you’re starving. Now granted, most of the time when I go grocery shopping, I’m not hungry, but there were a few times I was super hungry and yet I always waited until I paid for my food at the checkout lane before eating any of it (well, most of the time I’ll wait until I get home).

Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way. Maybe I’m the only one who feels that when you’re shopping for food at the grocery store, you shouldn’t be allowed to eat your food until after you pay for it.

Anyway, have a great weekend, guys!

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4 Responses to Why do people open up and eat food before paying for it while shopping for groceries?

  1. juliannayu says:

    I completely agree with you here. It shocks me everytime I see it. I find I normally see a mother and her child (or children). Even when I was a kid, I thought it was wrong, thinking they were breaking the rules and wondered why they didn’t pay first. As an adult, I think it sets a bad example for their kids, that they can chow down before paying for their food. I’m glad you mentioned grocery stores, I wonder how they view this and whether they see this as an issue?

    • jdawg182 says:

      Exactly. I also think they are breaking the rules and setting a bad example for their kids. I would never do something like this.

      Thanks for the like and the comment!

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  3. Esmey says:

    I disagree. Knowing that it is a 100% guarrantee that I will pay for the drink, the drink is as good as mine and opening it a minute before handing out the money for it is just a technicality. I’m tired, I’m thirsty standing in a long line-up – I need a frigging drink! You people need to get a life so you can get off other innocent people’s backs because you are obviously allergic to any attempt of someone wanting to make their lives a tiny bit better.

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