Videogame Shopping Trip Report #7: Final Fantasy XIII-2, Two Worlds II, Rage, and Left 4 Dead (some Best Buy love!)

Last week I checked out a Best Buy store and I ended up buying three games, all for the PS3: Final Fantasy XIII-2, Need For Speed The Run, and Rage.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3/Xbox 360) was on sale for $29.99 at Best Buy (if you had a coupon from Best Buy’s GAMER magazine, then you could further reduce the price to $14.99).

Best Buy has an exclusive version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 (for both systems) that comes with a novella, and this version was included in the sale.

So when I went into my local Best Buy last week, I was hoping to find the Final Fantasy XIII-2 that comes with the novella, and fortunately I was able to find one. I bought the PS3 version. This PS3 version with the novella was actually the last one there (well, they might have had some more in the back), but I did see six Xbox 360 versions of Final Fantasy XIII-2 with the novella.

Need For Speed: The Run was a game that I had been wanting to get ever since it was released, but I would only get it when it dropped in price to around $20. I am actually quite surprised that I was able to find it for $20 so soon, since it was just released last November. I have not found a copy of 2010’s Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for $20 yet (it’s current price is about $29.99), at least not in my local stores.

I believe Need For Speed The Run got some mostly mediocre reviews and review scores. The developer, EA Black Box, also developed 2008’s Need For Speed Undercover, and the PS3 version of that game, while I found it to be lots of fun to play, was pretty buggy and suffered from glitchy gameplay at times.

Judging from the gameplay footage that I’ve watched, it looks like Need For Speed: The Run has much smoother gameplay and racing. I’m really hoping that’s the case.

Rage is a game that some of my gamer friends have been telling me to check out. They said it’s an awesome game, despite having some issues. Rage has also been a game that I said I would get if I found it for around $20, so when I saw it at Best Buy for $19.99, I knew I had to get it.

A few days later, I was at a Walmart to buy a few groceries and household items. While I was there, I also decided to pick up a copy of Left 4 Dead for Xbox 360. This game cost $19.99, and, as you can see in the picture below, this is the Platinum Hits version, but according the front of the box, it comes with “Survival Pack Content”

I had seen Left 4 Dead at this Walmart before, and I passed on it at least two times. One of those times I passed on it was so I could buy Halo 3 (also Platinum Hits) instead. This time I decided to buy Left 4 Dead. As many of you know, this game is an Xbox 360 console exclusive (it is available on the PC though), and it was a game I said I would definitely be getting if I ever bought an Xbox 360 console.

Finally, a few days ago, I went to a different Best Buy. In the videogame section, there wasn’t really anything that I wanted to get, but when I dropped by the clearance games section, I saw a game for the PS3 that I was really excited for when it was first released last year. I just never got the chance to pick it up. That game is Two Worlds II.

I had been looking for a good price on this game for awhile now. In my local area, I think the least expensive price I saw the game go for is $39.99 at Meijer. Here at this Best Buy, the game was on clearance for 50% off its $50 price tag, so the game would cost $25 (plus tax of course). I knew that I was not walking out of this Best Buy without buying this game.

Note: While the price tag in the picture says $59.99, the regular price was $49.99

Now I am aware that Amazon has had this game on sale for $20 pretty frequently, but I always prefer to buy my games from the local stores. I thought that $25 was a good price for this game.

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