Gamer Update #4: Saints Row (100% Completion in Single Player)

When I first started playing Saints Row for the Xbox 360, I said I wouldn’t do it. When I got started on doing some of the activities (which are kind of like side missions) in the game, I thought some of them were impossible to complete.

Yet somehow, someway, I managed to get 100% completion in Saints Row’s single player campaign, as you can see in the picture below.

This also means that I unlocked all the single player achievements (31 out 43 total achievements, for a Gamerscore of 730), which involves not only completing all the story missions and all the activities, but also includes spraying all the tag locations, finding all the CDs, and unlocking all 7 homies (I did use a guide for help in getting some of these achievements). Now at this time, however, I don’t plan on getting any of the online multiplayer or co-op achievements.

Anyway, some of the activities were a huge pain to complete, almost to the point where it felt like the game was being unfair. But as I kept playing the game I began to get better at it and develop my own strategies, along with getting some tips from my research on the internet.

For activities that require a car (or would be extremely difficult to complete without a car), I used the FBI car. It also helps to grab a few homies (ally characters controlled by the game’s AI) to help out.

So just like in life, the key to success is to have the right car and have a few homies back you up (haha!).

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