Embarrassing Stuff I Own #2: KeSha “Animal” CD

In today’s blog post, you will hear me admit (or rather, you will read about me admitting) that I am a pretty big KeSha fan. Yes, I do find her to be quite attractive, but the reason I’m a fan of hers is that I like her music. And yes, I do have one of her CDs, “Animal”.

When I first heard KeSha’s debut single “Tik Tok” near the end of 2009, I didn’t really the song. My initial reaction to the song is, what guy is going like a girl who brushes her teeth “with a bottle of Jack”? To this day, I’m still not a big fan of “Tik Tok.”

However, I like KeSha’s second single “Blah Blah Blah” a lot better, but for some reason none of the local radio stations played this song (although they played “Tik Tok” to death). I didn’t hear “Blah Blah Blah” until after I bought her CD. Apparently though, the radio stations where my brother lives played this song a lot, and he’s a huge fan of this song.

So therefore I did not become a KeSha fan until the Spring of 201, which is when I heard her third single “Your Love Is My Drug”. Now this was a song that I liked right away, the first time I heard the song. But I don’t just like the song, I LOVE the song! It is like the ultimate catchy pop song. Whenever I heard the song on the radio when I was driving, I would always pump up the volume. I would most likely sing along with it, and you could also find me bobbing my head around, kind of like doing a little dance to it.

Now granted, I’ve watched the music video for “Your Love Is My Drug,” and I thought it was terrible, but that did not diminish my love for this song.

In fact, to this very day, I still love listening to “Your Love Is My Drug.” It is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures. I’ll still turn up the volume when I hear this song on my car’s radio. I’ll still sing along to it and I’ll still dance to it.

“Your Love Is My Drug” was the song that convinced me to go buy KeSha’s debut CD “Animal”, which I bought for about $10 at a Walmart in May or June of 2010.

The CD has 14 tracks, and I like maybe half the songs, which is not bad for a CD I bought for $10. Hey, at least I like more songs here than on Justin Bieber’s “My World” CD (and you can read about that in my “Embarrassing Stuff I Own #1” blog post, if you haven’t already).

Obviously, “Your Love Is My Drug” is my favorite song on the CD. The title track, “Animal” is the last song on this CD, and it’s probably my second favorite song. The funny thing is, I didn’t really get into “Animal” until I was dancing along with it in Dance Dance Revolution videogame (seen below) for the Xbox 360 (haha).

“Backstabber” and “Blah Blah Blah” are my third and fourth favorite songs respectively, and other songs from KeSha’s CD I like include “Hungover,” “Stephen,” “Blind,” and “Ki$$ N Tell”.

This is the only KeSha CD I have. I am quite surprised that I don’t have her second CD, “Cannibal,” which contains the song “We R Who We R,” a song that I like a lot. But one of these days I will pick that CD up.

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