Embarrassing Stuff I Own #1: Justin Bieber “My World” CD

I am starting a new series of blog posts called “Embarrassing Stuff I Own”. In each blog post, I will pick one embarrassing thing and I will talk about it. Now the thing that I pick is either something that I think is embarrassing to own or it’s something I believe many others think is embarrassing to own (but it might be something I personally don’t think is embarrassing).

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, first up is…

… Justin Bieber’s “My World” CD

Now this CD is probably not too embarrassing to have if I was a 12-year old kid. I am, however, a full fledged adult male.

Okay, how do I explain myself…? Where do I start…?

Well, it all started around November of 2009. That’s when one of my local pop/hit music radio stations started playing Justin Bieber’s debut single “One Time” When I first heard the song, I thought was a cute and really catchy dance/pop song. I had not heard of Justin Bieber at that time.

Remember, this was back when Justin Bieber was an unknown. This was before people talked about his hair (and his controversial decision to cut his hair a bit shorter, haha!). This was before Bieber-mania.

In fact, I didn’t even know who sang the song “One Time” – it was only after I heard the song on the radio 5 or 6 more times that the DJ finally said the name of singer, Justin Bieber.

After I found out it was Justin Bieber who sang this song, I searched for the music video for “One Time” on youtube and watched it. And, I am quite embarrassed to say…, but I loved the video! I thought it was a great video. It really brought me back to my Junior High/Middle School days. Back then, it was a much more of an “innocent time” for me and dance party scene in the “One Time” video reminded me of the Friday night school dances that I use to look forward to. I didn’t know how to dance back then (and I still don’t know how to dance) but we had some fun times. I loved Junior High…

Anyway, back to 2009, some of friends and family members even liked the “One Time” song as well (or they kind of liked it). Of course, if you ask them today if they liked the song, they won’t admit it. However, I remember just hanging out with my friends and family members during the 2009 Christmas holiday season and I was driving them around town. “One Time” was played on the radio a lot, and whenever the song came on, I don’t remember any of them complaining or telling me to change the radio station.

So yeah, I liked the song “One Time” and the music video for it so much that I wanted to buy Justin Bieber’s CD. So I did. Shortly before Christmas 2009, I went out and bought his CD “My World”. I don’t remember where I bought the CD – it was either at a Best Buy or a Target, since those were the two store chains that I usually bought CDs from. I’m pretty sure I paid less than ten bucks for this CD. I believe the CD cost $7 or $8 (plus tax of course)

“My World” has seven tracks and sadly, in my opinion, “One Time” is the only good song on this CD (haha!). Track #6 “First Dance” featuring Usher is the only other song that I like on this CD, but it’s nowhere as good as “One Time”.

The “My World” CD is also an enhanced CD that includes the music videos for “One Time” and “One Less Lonely Girl”. You put this CD into your PC and you can watch those two videos. This is a great feature for anyone who wants to watch those two videos on their computer, but since I can watch those two videos on youtube anytime I wanted, I never used the “enhanced CD” portion of this CD.

So while it sucks that I don’t like most of the songs on this CD, (man, this is so embarrassing to admit, haha!) to this very day I still like the song “One Time” a lot, and still listen to it quite often.

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