The toy that I have next to my PC

Today’s blog post is more of a light hearted one. In the pictures below you will see the toy that I keep next my PC. This toy is a Transformer from the Robots In Disguise toyline and it transforms from a car to a robot (sorry, I don’t remember the name of this Transformer – I know, Transformer fans are going to kill me, haha!).

When I’m sitting at my PC, from time to time I like to fiddle with this toy and transform it from car mode to robot mode and back. When I set the toy back down and leave it alone, I will almost always have it in car mode.

Below you will see pictures of this Transformer in robot mode and car mode. The area around my PC is really messy (haha), which is why I didn’t take pictures of this toy next to my PC.

Car Mode

Robot Mode

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