Gamer Update #2: Lost Planet and Overlord II

Time for another gamer update. Two games that I finished pretty recently are Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for the Xbox 360 and Overlord II for the PS3.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, like Dead Rising, was one of Capcom’s earlier games for the Xbox 360. And just like Dead Rising, before playing Lost Planet, I sort of expected it to be a game I would play and have a pretty fun time but once I beat it, I thought I would just forget about it.

Now while the game does have some annoying quirks (such as explosions obscuring your view), it was a surprisingly enjoyable game. The snowy environments look great and it was a great change of scenery from the other games I was playing. Some people have said that the story makes no sense and is the weakest part of the game, but I enjoyed the story and cut scenes. I’m glad I got to play Lost Planet, I have fond memories of playing this game, and I will play through it again one day.

Overlord II is a hack n’slash game where you get to command a squad of little minions, similar to the Pikmin games on the Gamecube. Because of this, there’s a huge emphasis on puzzle solving.

I must say, in Overlord II it is very fun and satisfying to go around pillaging villages and causing mayhem and destruction. The game also has quite a bit of humor in it, as the story was written by Rhianna Pratchet. Yes, she’s the daughter of Terry Pratchet, probably best known for writing comedic fantasy novels such as the Discworld books.

Now I’ve heard that some individuals who played both Overlord 1 and 2 say that the first Overlord game is a much more enjoyable game with a much better story. I myself have not played the first Overlord game.

Overlord II does have some annoying issues. While you can spin the camera around you, you can not move the camera up or down, and I really wish you could. It’s not game-breaking though, it’s just more of an annoyance.

Also there’s a section in the game where you’re sailing a boat, and moving the boat around was a huge pain. Thankfully, this was just a small section of the game. Overall, Overlord II was a fun and enjoyable game to play.

Anyone who’s played Infamous on the PS3 will know that your character in that game, depending on the choices he makes, can go down two different paths: a good path and an evil path. It’s the same thing with Overlord II, except – well, there’s an evil path and a more evil path. (haha!)

So far, I have beaten the game using the Destruction path (the more evil path). I’m currently putting the game aside to play other games and in a couple of months I will return to Overlord II and do another playthrough, this time playing the Domination path (the lesser evil path).

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