I want to fall in love with my PS2 again

For seven straight years, from 2002-2009, the PS2 was my favorite videogame system and it was the main system that I played videogames on. During that time period, I also bought a Game Boy Advance, a Gamecube, a PSP, and a DS Lite. Also in 2001, I had gotten a Sega Dreamcast. However, the PS2 was the system that I played the most, hands down.

I first bought my PS2 Phat in the summer of the 2002 to replace my dying Playstation, which I had gotten for Christmas in 1997. My PS2 Phat cost $250 and I bought it at a Toys R’Us. It’s a good thing that the PS2 is backwards compatible with PS1 games, so I didn’t need to go buy another PS1 system in order to play my PS1 games. In fact, for the first year and a half of owning my PS2, I mainly played PS1 games on it.

I remember the first PS2 game that I ever played on my PS2, and it was Shadow of Destiny. It is kind of an adventure game with a mystery to solve.

Throughout the years, I’ve played a lot of great PS2 games, a lot of memorable PS2 games – Grand Theft Auto III, Persona 3, Suikoden III, Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Dragon Quest 8, Black, Killzone, etc… – to name a few.

However, when I got my PS3 Slim at the beginning of 2010, the PS3 started to become the system that I played the most, and I started to neglect my PS2. A few months ago, I bought an Xbox 360 S console, and I’ve been playing that system a lot as well.

While I have played some very enjoyable games on my PS3 and Xbox 360, I missed playing my PS2. I hadn’t touched my PS2 in months, that is, until December of last year, when I tried to get back into playing my PS2 again.

I tried playing two PS2 games last year, and while they were pretty fun games, sadly neither game set my world on fire. The two games I played were Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and Spider-Man 2.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a FPS set in the modern-day. While it does feature online multiplayer, the servers for this game are no longer up and running, so I played single-player campaign and I played about 5 or 6 missions (levels). The missions required you and your squad to accomplish several objectives. When you shoot enemies, you are given scores, similar to when you’re playing an online match with other players. The controls also needed some getting used to, since they are a bit different from the controls in modern FPS like the latest Call of Duty games. The single player campaign also has this weird and unique mechanic where you are able to switch bodies with any of your ally teammates, provided that your teammate is within your field of sight and is still alive.

Having heard one of my friends say that Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 is a fun, open world, sandbox-type game, I decided to give it a go. I’m not only a big fan of the live action Spider-Man movies, I’m also a huge fan of the Spider-Man comics, so I was quite excited to play Spider-Man 2. Now while it was quite fun in the game to move around and web swing around the city, you’re required to do a few “free roam” missions before you are able to do some story missions and these “free roam” missions can grow to be a bit repetitive after awhile. Perhaps one day I’ll pick up Spider-Man 2 again and give it another go.

So while those two games couldn’t quite keep me hooked to my PS2, there is another PS2 game I plan on playing pretty soon, and I hope it reignites my passion for my PS2 again. This game is Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

Yes, I know. It’s not exactly the first game that comes to mind (or even the ideal game) when someone’s talking about getting back into the PS2, but let me explain. Some of people that developed Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter went on to develop Dead Rising, which, as some of you may know if you’re read one of my previous blog posts, is my favorite current gen game.

One of Dead Rising’s game mechanics is that you are meant to restart over from the beginning multiple times before you actually beat the game, and every time you restart, your current level and prestige points (which are your experience points) carry over. Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter has this same game mechanic and I’m curious as to whether or not it works well. My expectation is that it will work well, although, granted this game mechanic seems more suited to an action game like Dead Rising than an RPG like Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

I have also heard that the ending cutscene will not play some copies of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, and I am curious to find out whether my game is one of those copies. Hopefully, it isn’t.

Anyway, I have high hopes that Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter will make me fall in love with my PS2 again. But only time will tell…

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