Latest Gaming Pickups Part 3: An Amazing Find for $5!

Sometimes when we go shopping for games, there’s a specific game (or games) that we want to get. And then sometimes we just go shopping without looking for a particular game. We just want to see if these stores/retailers have anything good for us to buy. And hopefully we stumble upon something really cool or we find a really good deal. Today’s story is about this.

Last Friday I had a $5 Toys R’Us reward certificate that would expire the next day. So I needed to go to Toys R’Us and spend that $5 certificate on something or it will go to waste. Toys R’Us is one of my favorite retailers and it was the retailer that I bought the most videogames from in 2010. However, I had not been to any of my local Toys R’Us stores in the last couple of months, so I had no idea what their stock and selection of videogames was like. I was dreading that I would go to a Toys R’Us and not find anything worth spending my $5 reward certificate on.

If we flashback to about this time a year ago, I had $17 in reward certificates. I went to a local Toys R’Us and found that there was hardly anything that I wanted to buy (to be fair, this was mostly due to the fact that a lot of the stuff they had I had already bought). However, they did have a standard, non-greatest hits version of Borderlands for the PS3 priced at $20, so with my $17 certificates, I ended up paying $3 (plus tax) for it! It was the best $3 I ever spent!

So last Friday afternoon I headed to a local Toys R’Us needing to use a $5 reward certificate and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised that this store did have quite a few (maybe 7) games that I had varying interest in buying. But what I totally was not expecting was finding one of the coolest gaming-related things ever, for an amazing price!

They had marked down the Final Fantasy XIII Limited Collector’s Edition hardcover strategy guide to $10! The original retail price of one of these guides  is $34.99 and they had marked it down to $10! I already beat Final Fantasy XIII so I don’t need this guide in order to play the game, but at this price I couldn’t pass it up. So with my $5 reward certificate, I ended up paying only $5 (plus tax) for this guide! I thought this was an incredible deal!

This very unexpected find was one of my best finds in the last couple years. It was a great day.

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