Gamer Update #1: Lost Odyssey & LOTR Conquest

I will start writing these Gamer Update blog posts, in which I will talk about games that I’m currently playing, games that I’ve recently beaten, maybe mention a few game pickups, and other gaming-related stuff. I will probably do these Gamer Update posts at least twice a month.

I just beat Lost Odyssey, an Xbox 360 RPG made by Mistwalker (headed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy), and Lord of the Rings Conquest.

I’m glad I was able to beat Lost Odyssey. It’s not an RPG that I like very much. In fact, there’s several frustrating and aggravating things about the game that really hindered my overall enjoyment of the game. But beating the game did give me a great feeling of accomplishment. And not only did I beat the game, I managed to get all the non-DLC achievements for this game for a total of 1000 Gamerscore. This felt very satisfying, especially since some achievements like Treasure Trove and Champion were a huge pain to get.

Lord of the Rings Conquest is a bad hack n’ slash game that I do not recommend anyone buy. First off, the online servers for this game have been shut down for a awhile now, so you can not play this game online and also you can not get any online trophies, so therefore if you didn’t already have all the online trophies for this game, it is no longer possible to get the platinum trophy.

If you really want to play this game, I suggest renting it or borrowing from someone. Most, if not all, of the offline trophies are very doable, and it probably won’t take you very long to get them. With that said, the main reasons I do not like this game is that the combat feels broken, sometimes the controls are non-responsive, and there are quite a few glitches and bugs, including a very big bug that prevents you from completing the training level! Therefore, with these issues, beating certain levels just feels harder than it should be, even if you play on the easiest difficulty setting. In fact, when I beat certain levels it felt it was more due to luck than skill. I did manage to beat both offline campaigns.

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