DVD/Blu-Ray Pickups #2: G.I. Joe (Series #2), CSI, The Unit, The Closer, and From Dusk Till Dawn 2 and 3

Last night I was at a Walmart, and I picked a few DVDs, mostly TV shows. The DVDs I bought are seen below:

For $20, I got G.I. Joe Series 2 Season 1. This DVD set includes the 5-part miniseries “Operation DragonFire”which is the beginning of the G.I. Joe Series 2 cartoon. The set also contains 19 additional episodes, for a total of 24 episodes and about 9 hours of runtime.

I remember watching the “Operation DragonFire” miniseries when it aired on TV as a kid, and I absolutely loved it! I even had an Alley Viper action figure! Unfortunately, for some reason I missed out on watching further episodes of G.I. Joe Series 2, but now with this DVD set I get the chance to watch these episodes.

For $15 I bought CSI: NY The Complete First Season. I love the original CSI, but I have not watched any of the CSI spinoffs. However, I’ve always been a fan of Gary Sinise, who stars in CSI: NY.

For $15 I picked up The Closer Season 3. I do have The Closer Season 1 and Season 2 sets, and I loved watching them, so hopefully the third season doesn’t disappoint (and I’m not expecting it to disappoint).

Also for $15, I bought The Unit Season 2. I bought and watched The Unit Season 1 quite a while back, and really enjoyed it. I’ve always admired Dennis Haysbert’s work from when he starred in 24, and I like his work here. I’ve always enjoyed Scott Foley’s work as well.

And finally, for $5 I picked up the From Dusk Till Dawn Double Feature Pack, which includes From Dusk Till Dawn 2 and 3 (but it doesn’t have the first movie). Back in the day I use to have the original From Dusk Till Dawn movie on VHS, and it’s always been a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s the type of movie that I loved watching late at night during the summertime when I had no school and could stay up late (even though back then my parents hated when I stayed up late, haha).

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to watch From Dusk Till Dawn 2 and 3, even though they were not directed by the original film’s director and they were made “direct-to-video,” which meant lower budget and lower production values. Back in the day, these two films were available individually on VHS and DVD for around $15-$20 a piece, but when I saw that I could pick up both films for $5, I couldn’t resist. For $5 (or $2.50 a movie), I’ll take a chance on them, and I won’t feel too bad if one or both films disappoint.

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