My Second Platinum Trophy: Hannah Montana The Movie (Part 2 of 2)

Several months have passed now since my defeat at the hands of Hannah Montana The Movie. It was now July 2010. At the beginning of this month, I had experienced unbelievable joy and excitement, having finally earned my first ever platinum trophy (for The Godfather II), something I had wanted for a long while.

I had finally gotten over the hump of getting my first platinum trophy and therefore I realized that, yes, it was indeed possible for me to get a platinum trophy. This gave me a new feeling of confidence. So as July 2010 was coming to an end, I wanted to add a second platinum trophy to my PSN trophy profile. I now felt it was finally time to face an old foe, and this time I was determined to emerge as the winner. This time I would finally get the platinum trophy.

Hannah Montana The Movie (The Videogame), you are soooooooo going down!

So early one Sunday afternoon in late July 2010, I dug out my Hannah Montana The Movie game, popped it into my PS3, and started a new game. I had already gotten the “Big Spender” trophy and didn’t need to get it again. But this time I played it safe. Except for buying that dress when I got to the point in the story where I needed to buy it, on this playthrough I was determined not to buy Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus any new articles of clothes at all! (Poor girl, but I’m sure in real life Billy Ray Cyrus buys her a lot of clothes.)

This time I was able to get past that part that I was stuck on the last time, and I actually managed to beat the game on that very afternoon. Except for one trophy, all of the remaining trophies aren’t really hard. There are two trophies I want to talk about.

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that you will need at least two controllers if you want platinum this game, and that’s because of the “Bullseye” Trophy. The description for this trophy is that you “play the Horse Races game at the fair with three of your friends.” In other words, you need “4 players” to play this mini-game.

If you don’t have 4 players and 4 controllers, you can still get this trophy by using two controllers and reassigning them. First start the Horse Races mini-game at the fair with one controller, then press X on the second controller to make player 2 appear. Now press the PS button on one controller and reassign it to 3, then press X. This should make player 3 appear. Reassign the other controller to 4 and then press X to make player 4 appear. Now play the race to the end and the “Bullseye” trophy should pop up.

I believe you can also use Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars and drums as your controllers, but I haven’t tested this out (since I don’t have any Guitar Hero and Rock Band games for PS3).

The next trophy I’m going to talk about is the “Perfect Aim” trophy and this to me is the hardest and most frustrating trophy in the game. This “Perfect Aim” trophy (along with the glitch that prevented me from continuing on with the game when I went for the “Big Spender” trophy too early) is a big reason why I can not say that Hannah Montana The Movie has the easiest platinum trophy.

For this trophy, you have to complete all ten stages of the Bottle Toss mini-game at the fair. In each stage you have to knock down all the bottles by throwing bean bags at them, but you only get a certain amount of bean bags to use for each stage. Run out of bean bags in a stage before knocking all the bottles down and you fail. Oh, and any time you fail a stage, whether it’s stage 4 or stage 9, you have to start all over again from the beginning. I’m sure you’re beginning to see how this can quickly get frustrating and annoying…

The early stages of the mini-game were easy enough, of course, but the latter stages got trickier and trickier. However, playing this mini-game was made harder for me because, no matter how hard I tried and no matter how many adjustments I made, I just could not get the aim down. Oh, my aim got better the more I played, but I could never get my aim to be 100% accurate. I estimate the closest I ever got was about 85%-90% accuracy.

The most annoying thing is that several times I would get pretty close to beating this mini-game – I would get to Stage 8 or Stage 9 – then I would fail and have to start over. So frustrating and so annoying! But I kept at it, and finally after almost an hour, I beat this stupid mini-game and unlocked the “Perfect Aim” trophy.

Now I have heard several people say that this mini-game isn’t that hard, so perhaps you’ll have better success than I had. Once I finally beat this mini-game, I did retry it to see if I could beat it again and I was successful – on my fourth try. So therefore I will never get so good at playing this mini-game that I would be able to do it in my sleep.

You can select this Bottle Toss mini-game from the main menu (in Quickplay mode), so if you’re having trouble with this during story mode, you can skip it, beat the game, then come back to it later.

Once I got this “Perfect Aim” trophy, I would go on to beat the game, grab the remaining trophies, and yes! – I got the platinum trophy to unlock! This was now my second platinum, and I was feeling good.

So on that Sunday afternoon in late July 2010, I began playing Hannah Montana The Movie from the beginning and it took me about 5 hours to beat the game and get the platinum trophy (it possibly could have taken me 4 hours if I didn‘t struggle with the Bottle Toss mini-game so much). So in other words, on that Sunday I started playing the game shortly after lunchtime and got the platinum right before dinner time.

After months of feeling defeated, I had finally beaten my old foe.

Hannah Montana The Movie (The Videogame), consider yourself pwned!!!

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