My Second Platinum Trophy: Hannah Montana The Movie (Part 1 of 2)

Before I start my story, if anyone reading this is thinking about trying to platinum this game (and hasn’t done any research on the game trophies), there is one thing I want to make a note of, and that is that you will need to have at least 2 PS3 controllers, as one of the trophies requires the use of at least 2 controllers. I will go over this trophy in detail in Part 2 of my blog post.

As I stated in a previous blog post, my first attempt to get a platinum trophy was not with The Godfather II. It was with Hannah Montana The Movie (… oh boy…). So when I first started playing Hannah Montana, I’m getting trophies at a good pace and everything goes smoothly… and then about halfway through the game I suddenly hit a huge roadblock and decide quit playing the game. It was only months later that I returned to playing this game and finally grabbed the platinum trophy.

So what happened? What was that horrible event that made me stop playing for a few months? Read on to find out.

As I mentioned before, there was a time when I thought it was virtually impossible for me to obtain a platinum trophy for any PS3 game. Some of the earliest PS3 games with trophy support that I played included games like Bioshock, Mirror’s Edge, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, and Grand Theft Auto IV. I played Mirror’s Edge and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood for a couple of hours each, but I didn’t like them and couldn’t get into them, so I quit playing them.

As for GTA IV, some of the trophies are extremely difficult, as many of you who played it for trophies know. In fact, when I beat GTA IV I ended up with only 13 trophies out of a possible 51 trophies! (not including the DLC trophies)

Now I did have some success with Bioshock though, and obtained 38 trophies (all bronze) for this title. And for the longest time Bioshock would be the game that I had the most trophies for. However, one of the trophies was to beat the game on the most hardest difficult setting without dying once, and I knew that this trophy (and therefore the platinum trophy) would be the extremely difficult, if not impossible, for me to obtain, since I was playing on “Normal” difficulty and kept dying over and over again. I must have died about 50 times before beating the game. Granted, I did not play the game with the mindset of beating it without dying, so I played pretty much with reckless abandon, but I still estimate that if I had played with caution, I still would have died a few times anyways.

As you can probably tell, during this time period I was very discouraged and thought that there was no way I would ever obtain a platinum trophy. Now I had heard some people say that the platinum for Hannah Montana The Movie was one of the easiest platinum trophies to obtain, if not the easiest. I joked to myself that the only way I would ever get a platinum was to get it for Hannah Montana The Movie.

So one day back in March 2010, I was shopping at a local Meijer and saw a copy of Hannah Montana The Movie for $19.99 in the bargain video games section (which is located near by, but not inside, the electronics department). For a couple of seconds, I stood there, thinking about whether or not I should buy the game, and then said to myself, why not? I quickly looked around to see if anyone was in the area and looking at me. There was nobody, so I quickly grabbed the game and placed in my shopping cart in a place where it would be hidden from view. (haha!)

When I got to the cashier and she was scanning my stuff for purchase, she picked up the game and gave me this quick and weird but kind of funny look. She didn’t say anything about it, and I didn’t say anything about it back, but if I were to see myself at that particular moment, I’m pretty sure that my face was pretty red with embarrassment. Oh, the embarrassing things we do to get a platinum trophy.

So I start playing the game and I am earning trophies at a pretty good pace. There is nothing really that hard yet. The game has music/rhythm sections and you get trophies for earning 5 stars on each song performance and for getting perfect scores during certain parts of the songs. These aren’t that hard to do, however, if you do happen to fail and miss these during the story mode, you can select the songs from the main menu (in Quick Play mode) and earn the trophies there. The songs do have to be unlocked through story mode first, I believe.

So as I’m playing the game, I will look at the trophy list from the PS3 XMB and see which ones to shoot for. There is one particular trophy that I decide to go for (big mistake!) and I go out of my way to earn it. I spend the time working towards this trophy and get it to unlock. I continue playing the game and advance a bit more and then suddenly – boom! – I come find out that because I went for this trophy too early, I can not progress through the game any longer. In fact, I can not even finish the game!

Okay, so here’s how it went down: One of the trophies is called “Big Spender” and for this trophy you have to buy 100 articles of clothing. You will get some money to buy stuff just by playing through the story mode (if I remember correctly), but to earn enough money to buy the 100 articles of clothing, you will have to play mini-games and you will have to play them over and over again. So this does take a bit of time.

Each piece of clothing is an unique item, so once you buy it from the store, it’s gone from the store forever and you can’t buy the same item again. Stores only have a limited supply of items to purchase, so therefore once you buy everything from a store, you won’t be able to purchase anything from that store again.

Now there is a point in the story mode where you have to buy a dress from a certain store in order to progress through the game. However, if you already went for the “Big Spender” trophy, you may have already bought everything from this store. That means the store has nothing to sell to you and you are unable to buy anything from that store. Therefore you are now unable to continue on in the story mode and at this point it is impossible to finish the game.

Sure enough, that is exactly what happened to me. I had already bought everything from that store so now I could not buy anything else, and therefore it was impossible for me to continue on and finish the game.

Oh man, once the realization sunk in that I had to start a new game, replay the sections I had already played, and then continue on in the story to grab the remaining trophies, I was extremely pissed. I mean, okay, I might like the Hannah Montana TV show a little bit and (I‘m ashamed to admit) the game was a little bit enjoyable, but I’m not that big of fan of Hannah Montana that I would want to replay the game again this soon. I think the thing that made me the most angry is that I bought this game because it suppose to have the easiest platinum trophy ever, and then I run into some glitch that prevents from progressing through the game and not allow me to get the remaining trophies. I repeat, this was supposed to be the easiest platinum trophy.

This stupid glitch (along with another trophy that I will describe in Part 2 of my blog post) is the reason why I can not say that Hannah Montana The Movie has the easiest platinum trophy. (For the record, I think Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs has the easiest platinum, closely followed by Cars: Race-O-Rama)

The only time anyone enjoys replaying something in a videogame, is when they choose to do so. Nobody likes to be forced to replay anything, whether it’s little sections or big sections of a game. It gets incredibly annoying when you’re forced to replay a certain section multiple times. (*cough* Dante’s Inferno *cough*)

Now granted, you do have to go quite a bit out of your way for this glitch in Hannah Montana The Movie to happen, but what they should have done was make this clothing item (that you have to buy in story mode) be a unique item that only appears at that point in the game, so that you can still progress through the game, even if you already bought everything else from the store.

So now I’m thinking to myself, what do I do now? I remembered sitting in front of TV for awhile in disbelief that something like this would happen. Eventually I took the game disc out of my PS3 and put it aside. I would not be getting my first platinum trophy at this time. This game was supposed to have “easiest platinum trophy ever” and I couldn’t even obtain it. I felt so defeated. I was starting to think that I would never, ever obtain a platinum trophy in my lifetime.

To be continued…

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