Videogame Shopping Trip Report #2: Latest Pickups (and no Black Ops for the kid)

Here’s a roundup of my latest pickups:

On Tuesday I went to Best Buy to buy Toy Story 3 (PS3), which was on sale for $19.99 I had wanted to buy this game for while, since it had been getting good reviews and heard that the game is enjoyable for adults as well as young kids, with the inclusion of a sandbox-type “toybox” mode. I am a pretty huge fan of Disney/Pixar movies, so I’m sure I will enjoy this game.

A funny and bizarre incident happened at this Best Buy. I was in the PS3 videogame section, and this teenaged kid was also there looking for games. He picks up a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops and leaves. Minutes later, when I bring Toy Story 3 to the checkout lane to pay for it, this kid is there just in front of me. He’s with two females, an older lady (his mom perhaps?) and a teenage girl (his sister or cousin?). They leave the register without buying the game, and then it’s my turn to pay for my game.

As I leave the store and walk to my car, the kid is having a very loud argument with his two female family members. He’s yelling and screaming extremely loud. He pauses for a while and then screams “LIAR!” so loud that I thought I would go deaf, and so sudden that I almost had a heart attack. They get into their car and drive away.

What I think happened was his mom promised to buy him Black Ops, but when they went to pay for it, she backed out of it for some reason. Maybe someone had told them that it was on sale at Best Buy, so when I got home I checked Best Buy’s ad online, and did not find a sale for it. It was at it’s regular MSRP of $59.99

Another possibility is that his mom doesn’t buy him M-rated games, and she promised to buy him Black Ops without knowing that it was rated M. Then when they get to the register, they find out it’s rated M perhaps because the cashier asked one of them for an ID.

Anyway, in the parking lot, if he was screaming “LIAR!” at his mom, well,… kids, where’s the respect for your elders these days…? Come on!

Back to my pickups, on Thursday I went out looking for a particular PS3 RPG game from NIS. I didn’t find it, but I did pick a few things from several stores. At Best Buy (different one from the one I went to on Tuesday) I saw Infinite Undiscovered (Xbox 360) for $14.99 I didn’t think I would see it in stores for this price, so of course I had to snatch it up. Now I have to find a copy of The Last Remnant, and hopefully for a good price as well. I’m sort of surprised that Square Enix has not made PS3 versions of these two games, especially since their later games like Star Ocean The Last Hope, Nier, and Final Fantasy XIII came out for both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

I also picked up My Darkest Days’ self titled debut CD for $8.99 at this Best Buy. My Darkest Days are an alternative rock band from Canada. I really like their songs “Porn Star Dancing” and “Every Lie”. In fact, “Every Lie” sort of describes a situation I was going through and I can really relate to it. This Best Buy edition CD also has 2 exclusive songs, including “Without You”, another song I also really like.

At Kmart I picked up Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands for $19.99 Now all I need to do is decide which PoP game I’ll play first, this one or the 2008 game simply titled Prince of Persia (which I bought a few months ago, but haven’t played yet).

At Meijer I picked up Bully Scholarship Edition for the Xbox 360 for $19.99 I do have the PS2 version of Bully, but Xbox 360 version has achievements, so I’ll be playing the Xbox 360 version (once I get an Xbox 360 console, that is).

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